Network Marketing Leader Bianca Shadai Joins iGenius  

Bianca Shadai, from New Jersey, USA was introduced to networking marketing by her mother shortly after being laid off from Wall Street.

Bianca fell in love with the personal development aspect of network marketing and has now been in the industry for nearly three years. She is a well-respected leader in the field, and recently made the decision to join iGenius.

When asked what drew her to iGenius, Bianca said,

“It was the iGenius educational platform. I’m a firm believer in the popular saying, ‘knowledge is power’. Information is something that can never be taken away, and there is a huge need for financial literacy.


A lot of people have poor financial habits and are making uneducated financial decisions that impact their future immensely.


After learning about the iGenius education, and seeing how it bridges the gap, I knew I wanted to be a part of it and share it with others.”

Bianca was introduced to iGenius by two of her most trusted peers, Darryl Drake and Sharmeeka Brooks. Knowing she already had two friends who she’d previously worked with, who lead with love, are respected, and are two individuals she looks up to, greatly influenced her decision to join iGenius.

The majority of Bianca’s decisions are based around principles and intuition. When first learning about iGenius, she looked at all of the products and services and realized iGenius has a solution to a broad problem that everyone can benefit from.

She also liked the iGenius culture, and felt like the executive team and leaders have integrity, energy, good vibes, and good character.

Because of Bianca’s fire and passion for helping others, she has had great success in the industry as an amateur.

Now, she’s confident that with everything she’s learned, and with a lot of dedication, hard work, and time, she’ll become a top iGenius producer and top field leader within the next year as she helps people change their lives and helps reprogram their mindsets surrounding what to do with a dollar.

Bianca said,

“Leading with love and building genuine relationships is what helps me find success in this business. Being a leader who cares about others’ success means you’ll go the extra mile for your team, never making it about you, but always about them.


When they win you win. To me, a success measuring stick is measured by how many people you were able to help along your journey, never about how much you earned.”

When asked what advice she’d give to a new member in the industry she said,

“You will fail your way into success. Never give up! Tripping and falling is ok, as long as you don’t stay there. Adversities and challenges are all opportunities for growth, so work hard, keep your eyes on the prize, and remember to have fun!”

Bianca also emphasized that network marketing is a team sport and it’s important to be an asset for your team. She believes that when we work on ourselves and on our growth, we’ll be surprised how many people we can help and influence by being our true selves.

She said,

“Each and every one of us has a unique gift that the world is waiting to see. If we always do more than what’s expected, we’ll be surprised at how far we’ll go.”

Bianca’s favorite quote is, “Where the energy goes, the money flows!” Going forward, Bianca is going to focus on creating daily habits that will keep her organized and on task as she begins to build her team with iGenius.

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