Network Marketing Professional Jeff Simpson joins iGenius

Jeff Simpson has been an advocate for the Direct Sales industry since his early 20’s and published Dream Bigger Faster!

Listening to audio CDs of people like Gregg Amerman and Dexter Yeager  convinced him to join his very first company at the age of 22. Jeff always wanted more time freedom and felt that network marketing could create that in his life.

His first big opportunity came in a service based company which became his first major success in Direct Sales.

In 2007 Jeff decided to go back to work full time as an insurance agent. Sales had always been his passion, and being a people person was his gift. 7 years later in 2014, Jeff had the urge to get back into the industry as another opportunity presented itself.

Over the last 5 years Jeff’s success catapulted to new heights with a team of over 30,000 customers all over the world.  Building teams in over 20 countries, Jeff was requested to be a guest speaker at ANMP 2020. In 2021 Jeff was inducted in the Million Dollar Hall of Fame.

When asked what brought him to iGenius Jeff said:

“What intrigued me most about iGenius is their education platform that serves as a vessel for people who are seeking knowledge in the financial markets. Secondly, this culture is the most welcoming I’ve ever felt, bar none.”

Jeff wants to take the next year to focus on impacting as many lives as possible to provide them with a skill that they can use for a lifetime. He focused on the ability to share this service based product to a global audience in order to make a huge impact on more lives.

“My advice to someone new in the industry is to be coachable.  It will save you years of time learning the industry , and having humility can help you focus on success faster than you think.  Just remember it’s going to take some work, but it will be worth it.”

Jeff’s main goal for himself is to learn how to become a more successful trader and investor.

He lives by the quote, “Dream Big, because the worst thing that can happen is a small dream coming true!”

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