Scollah Kamusiime From Canada Achieves Blue Diamond Rank At Success Factory

Scollah Kamusiime, is the first to achieve the Success Factory Blue Diamond rank in Canada.

One of the essential character traits in successful people is the trait of relentlessness. When you are relentless, you are unstoppable.

There are no things that people say or do, and there are no mistakes or setbacks that will permanently alter your dreams or desires to make something happen in your life. But imagine you’re born in a tribe in East Africa.

Specifically, the Mukiga tribe in the southern Kabale District of Uganda. Now imagine you have big dreams, but you have limited options to exercise those dreams just where you are.

Imagine that unless you make a radical change, you and your children will continue the cycle of difficulty given to you by previous generations. What do you do? What do most people do?

Scollah is not most people, and she’s not someone who settles. She is not willing to accept the so-called “norm.”


She is always ready to reinvent herself to create her dream of financial independence, protect her children, and set them up for a better life.

So, in 2006, Scollah moved to Canada and went through the long and challenging process of applying for citizenship and looking for a better life. However, she was a very successful teacher in Uganda; her transcripts did not matriculate into Canadian requirements. So, she took a job as a healthcare worker and then a second job, where she worked 16 hours a day.

One of her daughters was an aspiring musician, so she would come home between jobs, make dinner, get her daughter to lessons, come back, take a 30-minute nap, and go to her second job. Everyday! A mindset of hustling to win.

In 2019, Scollah was introduced to Success Factory, a network marketing company that taught her the basics of financial literacy. She understood how few people were on the right path for proper retirement. She wasn’t. But how could she add a third job to her schedule? Scollah knew she had to do something creative and different.

Shortly after joining, she attended events in Estonia (purchasing the tickets to the airport) and Russia. In March 2021, she decided to reinvent herself and her business and restart her momentum completely.

Knowing that most Canadians are not ever going to retire, Scollah began sharing the benefits of the Success Factory products and opportunities from her heart.

Using her skills as a teacher, she has created an educational process, understood the financial status and the needs of every person she would interact with, whether they were in their 30s, 40s, 50s, or nearing retirement.

She has created a solution for every person who joined her team. She has become an extraordinarily confident presenter and overcomes all her fears.

If you ask Scollah, she will tell you the secret to success:

understanding people and where people are and the system of money, how money works. People often ignore money conversations, but they want to know what to do.


“Just ask them! When you know, people are not going to retire, you need to get real with them and educate them.” With the right system, the right people around you, and the right effort, anyone can create wealth and retire with this business.

Scollah is the first leader in Canada to achieve the rank of Diamond – Blue Diamand, and she has no hesitation in telling you that’s just a stop along the way. She is most excited about her goal of achieving her financial independence so that her children and grandchildren can be happy and do whatever they dream of achieving.

You will hear more from this driven pioneer. Scollah will breakthrough more leadership ranks in Canada help to create more opportunities to innovate wealth creation for humanity in North America and globally.

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