Amador Ramirez Launches Validus In Latin America

Spearheading Validus initiatives in Latin America, Amador Ramirez brings his wealth of leadership experience in network marketing to this expanding market.

Amador’s leadership qualities have proven themselves invaluable in the expansion of network marketing in both Latin America and Eurasia. His principles and expertise have been forged at the highest and most transformative levels of the industry and will drive forward Validus’ presence in Latin America.

With his keen appraisal of global markets and geo-political shifts, Amador possesses a comprehensive overview of economic trends. His search for the optimum nourishing environment, one that truly meets individual and financial needs, has brought him to Validus.

“As we move forward in this new world setup, the world’s population is being polarised. 


Lots of economic activities are becoming either obsolete or less effective in providing income for an individual, their family and their goals. Media and world events make people even more confused and distracted about where to go or what to do with their time and energy.


There are very few trustworthy sources of information out there: ones where the aim is genuinely to provide people with the information and tools they need now. The tools they need will help them cope with all the global changes and thrive rather than just survive. Actually, in many countries there is almost no chance of finding the right information and tools.”

Amador describes Validus as being the network marketing system ideally suited to meet the needs of our lives and times.

“Validus gives individuals a system they can rely upon. A system that will guide them on precisely how to take advantage of new ways of living and advanced methods of capitalising on the circumstances of this new era.”

This veteran displays a forensic approach when it comes to understanding complex events. It is no surprise that he started his journey early, demonstrating youthful leadership. At the tender age of 19 years, Amador opened his first direct selling branch in Mexico.

The people skills he has become justifiably famous for were honed there, along with his management and leadership abilities, as he expanded business throughout the Latin American market.

After a number of years of industry experience in security, marketing, IP, and mining, he first discovered network marketing in 2014. Amador readily appreciated the potential for transformation that network marketing methods brought.

He describes himself as having been blessed to be both inspired and guided by icons of the industry. He focused on harnessing and implementing the real power and ultimate potential of the network marketing model within Latin America, Asia and Eurasia.

“Collecting the views and feelings of hundreds of thousands of people about the blockchain industry and network marketing, I concluded that lack of information and a confusion of human values had led at times to disappointment and delusions.


At the same time, I could completely see how valid the hopes and will of hundreds of thousands of people are, and also the potential for network marketing to meet their expectations.


I could envisage how the gap could be bridged to create an opportunity that can help people thrive financially in this new and fast changing world.”

At this point Dr Parwiz Daud and Mansour Tawafi, both of Validus, came back into his life. Amador describes how all three had walked their paths separately for few years, each developing their expertise. When the three met again, each found they shared matching pieces of the same achievable vision.

Amador is clear, it is shared insight, expertise and commonality of purpose that will create a lasting legacy through information, education, technology and network marketing. All founded on deeply held principles, and with human beings’ development as its ultimate statement of intent.

“Network marketing builds the foundation of the community. Validus goes beyond, into personal and financial growth OUTSIDE the network, while staying together as a community.


Staying together as a family, where gender, experience, nationality does not matter. My ultimate vision and end goal is to provide the tools so our community and teams can become financially, emotionally and spiritually free.”

About Validus

Validus is a network marketing company that provides online education on the financial markets to educate those who are underserved by financial institutions globally.

Validus prides itself on delivering a unique payment and reward programme that pays out those who choose to network and even those who choose not to. For more information please visit

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