BE Appoints Eduardo Otero As LATAM Field Operations Officer

Some people find their purpose later in life. Others are born into their calling. Joining BE as Field Operations Officer is Eduardo Otero of Colombia.

Unlike most who join the industry, Eduardo not only knew of network marketing, growing up, his father created what became the biggest cosmetic direct sales company in the country.

Realizing the effect of great products paired with great compensation programs, he helped change the company’s business model into network marketing. From there, he built a tremendously successful career, leaving a significant impact on the industry.

Among these were launching a multinational American skin care brand, leading the field development for another American essential service company, launching that same one in another country and the list goes on.

 Despite all his achievements, Eduardo found himself at a crossroad.

“Being in the industry all these years, learning from different leaders seeing companies come and go, you may wonder, ‘What is next? What does the future look like, more products, more services?”

In the midst of searching, he found the answer in BE:

“These questions were answered when I met the extraordinary BE Founders whom I have instantly aligned with in our passion for the industry and the vision of where the industry is headed.


Monir, Moyn, and Ehsaan Islam are ahead of their time. It is not everyday you get to witness an innovation, a platform that provides an ecosystem for everyone to have a fighting chance in the marketplace, where distributors are able to change their lives alongside customers. The future is already here.”


With a well-established and distinguished journey in the entrepreneurial world, Eduardo humbly looks back to those who have impacted his dedication and success.

He thanks his parents for inculcating in him his values as a person and his ethics in his business, and to his spouse who has always been his constant source of encouragement.

The world-renowned BE Founders have expressed their warm welcome:

“Eduardo brings a great value to our community. His drive, his passion are very evident in his actions and in his words. We are thrilled to be able to share this evolving journey towards a better future with an outstanding visionary like him.”

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