ByDzyne’s Jessica López Corrales and Cesar Atehortua López from Colombia Achieve 1-Star President

As ByDzyne’s prominence in the South American market continues to soar, its executive team is delighted to announce the company’s latest rising stars with the arrival of new 1-Star Presidents from Colombia Jessica López Corrales and Cesar Atehortua López. 

* A President generates over $200,000 in sales revenue during a half-a-month span. 

For the couple, who have been together for 13 years but have only been in the industry for just two, the rank advancement is quite surreal.

Previously, Cesar worked as a health worker in radiology for almost 18 years and Jessica served as a nursing assistant and simultaneously owned her own private textile business for a decade. While they rejected the opportunity of network marketing on numerous occasions in the past, there was something different with ByDzyne.

With the persistence of Jessica’s brother, ByDzyne’s Crown superstar Daniel López, combined with what they finally saw as a path to reach their dreams of changing their lives and being a positive influence on others, the new 1-Star Presidents from Colombia finally said “yes.”  

With that decision and all the success they’ve achieved, they have confidently never looked back. 

“This rank that we celebrate today is indebted to our hard-working team for their support, focus, and trust. We also have nothing but gratitude for our guide, Daniel López, who with his example and perseverance led us to believe in this industry.


And to our co-workers Manuela and Luisa, who have been working with us from day one on the field to achieve everything we have set out to do, we appreciate you both,”

expressed the couple. 

Cesar and Jessica also shared deep thankfulness for ByDzyne’s executive team, who they recognized have set the right tone and platform for pursuing an extraordinary life.  

“We want to thank you, executive team, for the company you have created, for how objective you have been in meeting all our needs, and for making ByDzyne the perfect place for both Brand Ambassadors and clients to fulfill their expectations of what it is like to be in a successful network marketing company.


We completely recognize the importance to have a company with support, high-quality standards, and legality. Quite simply, ByDzyne offers it all. It is the perfect company because it completely fulfills what we are looking for—travel, diversification, and a path to continue to learn and grow as people,”

disclosed the leaders. 

And the couple has grown a whole lot these past few years. They’ve had to quickly learn the ins and outs of the industry, remain relentless in their hard work, and align themselves with the right attitude and determination. It’s led them to swift success, and anticipated recognition from ByDzyne’s founders. 

“Congratulations to Cesar and Jessica López! BD Nation celebrates you today for your rank advancement, and your determination to achieve even more. You both are living testimonies that this industry and this special company are for anyone.


All you need is the right vehicle, the right people around you, and an unwavering belief in yourself. Great job and we cannot wait to see what happens next,”

shared Chad Chong, ByDzyne’s cofounder. 

The Colombian leaders are already onto what is next. From a couple that finally was able to quit their day jobs just two years ago, the two now have their eyes set on monumental success. 

“Our goal is to achieve the Crown title, and have more than 20 people within our team and organization generating at least $10,000 USD per month.” 

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