OmegaPro’s Global Convention Attended By A Large Audience

Hosted on 23rd and 24th January, 2022 in the magnificent Coca-Cola Arena, Dubai – OmegaPro’s Global Convention ‘Rise’ was a spectacular extravaganza of all things education, motivation and inspiration colliding head on with the dynamic world of all things finance.

Headlined and highlighted by international, regional and immensely influential keynote speakers, artists and performers – ‘Rise’ flourished as the biggest event of its kind with more than 7500 guests being part of it over the span of two days.

Achieving a one of a kind momentum with a global financial community hitting the landmark of 1.5 million members and growing instantaneously by the minute, OmegaPro truly ‘host’ the community’s ‘literal gems’ by facilitating every member with a Diamond Rank and above with chartered flights and accommodating them amidst the opulent luxury of The Hilton and The V Hotel located in the very heart of Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Adding further opulence to the already star-studded affair that had a remarkable turnout from 20+ countries ranging from the warm abode of the South American homes of Colombia and Mexico to the Asian titans of Japan and Korea, OmegaPro gave away over 650 Omega watches celebrating the multicultural and multilingual community that it is blessed to anchor.

The first day was a whirlwind of action with an opportunity to interact with as many as ten legendary figures of this industry – up close and personal.

Kickstarting bright and early in the morning with an address from OmegaPro’s President Nader Poordeljoo gracing  the audience – It was time to unleash the potential within – to listen, to learn and to network with the Founders of OmegaPro and top industry experts and becoming ‘An Agent of Change’.

OmegaPro Leaders Juan Carlos, Motohiro Node and Paulo Tyunman took the stage as the tenets of ‘Great Confidence’ and ‘Greater Discipline were displayed out in the open as the keystones to achieving your dreams – ready to inspire the ‘Community of Tomorrow’.

Eric ‘ET, The Hip Hop Preacher’ Thomas, globally acclaimed motivational speaker and author was the Guest Speaker for the day. Ushering in a breath of infectious positivity to the Coca-Cola Arena, ET defined the motifs of hustle, drive, determination, and success as he drew on his personal experiences and encounters to aspire the audience to ‘exchange cycles of failure for patterns of success’.

Adding a dash of live entertainment to the mood of the convention, arrived DJ Teddy with tunes of the trend to welcome the Sun set into the much-awaited evening gala.

What is a convention without having to leave it without a burst of brand new motivation and an incentive to turn your life upside down?

The Mentor of Millions and OmegaPro’s very own Strategic Advisor – Mike Sims was there to certainly answer the very same question. Setting the platform right up for the massive curtain raiser to follow, he lit the crowd right up with his anecdotes of leadership and guaranteed factors of success.

The time finally clocked the right hour for the biggest announcement of the day as OmegaPro’s CEO Andreas Szakacs’ keynote address was followed by the Launch of ‘OMP Money – The Next Generation of Banking’.

With a combined vision to inspire exhilarated confidence and empower OmegaPro’s ever-expanding community to operate in a bonded economy that bridges traditional and digital assets in a seamless instrument – OMP Money was described as the one stop solution with secure and vertically integrated services, acting as the access point to the vast world of and beyond OmegaPro.

The CNO of OmegaPro, Co-Founder of OMP Money and a philanthropist by every notion, Dilawar Singh closed the scheduled speeches of Day 1 as the community readily reverberated off his energy and agility even at the end of a truly momentous day.

‘Rise’ inched closer to the finish line of Day 1 as the final agenda before the gala dinner was to lead the floor for ‘Diamond Recognition’ – introducing the newest rank achievers on the biggest stage of them all.

With an outstanding summary to the first day, Rise did only not carve a niche in the industry as an ‘the event of events’ but solidified the ‘journey of tomorrow’ that OmegaPro is about to embark on.

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With over 1.5 Million members joining the OmegaPro family since its recent inception in 2018 – this revolution of bridging the gap between the traditional and the digital is just getting started!

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