ByDzyne’s Sebastián González Is The First 1-Star President From Chile

While ByDzyne has recently showcased some of the industry’s most promising up-and-coming leaders from South American countries Ecuador, Colombia, and Peru, the company is welcoming Sebastián González as its newest and first 1-Star President from Chile.

* A President generates over $200,000 in sales revenue during a half-a-month span. 

When the 33-year-old from Santiago, Chile, joined ByDzyne not even 10 months ago, he had zero experience in network marketing. While he effectively served as a lawyer, real estate agent, and owner of several local coffee shops, Sebastián always felt there was a greater opportunity outside of the traditional business career.

He was right. He found ByDzyne, and his life, he says, has changed forever.

“I am a living testimony that someone that comes from a traditional business background, can open his mind and develop and thrive in a different industry.

Not only that, but to do it at such a level that achieves even greater results than expected, in record time, and leaving a positive mark on all those that have been involved, I am so grateful.

I express my deepest gratitude to my entire line of sponsorship, and to all the people who have given me their unconditional and constant support,”

expressed Sebastián.

While ByDzyne’s newest President from Chile attributes his focus, determination, belief, and support from his team as instrumental factors in his recent achievement, he also acknowledges that ByDzyne is simply a company in its own league.

“The company’s business model and the compensation plan are both extremely attractive. In addition, what sets ByDzyne apart is the way the company treats its leaders and the incredible opportunity to grow on a personal and financial level.

I would like to thank the executive team for the constant support and edification of their leaders. Now, I consider myself more of a networker than a lawyer, and I know this is just the beginning,”

shared the young entrepreneur.

Team Chile 2022

Chad and Nattida Chong, ByDzyne’s cofounders, can’t agree more. Not only are they delighted with the arrival and instant success for Sebastián, but they also foresee a myriad of victories up ahead for the Chilean community.

“Congratulations to Sebastián González on becoming our first 1-Star President from Chile! We celebrate your hard work, resiliency, and beautiful transition to this industry, and believe you’re just getting started.

We also know there is even more untapped potential in Chile, and cannot wait to see your country flourish here at ByDzyne,”

conveyed the hopeful Chongs.

Motivated to continue his personal growth and development, to see his members of his team prosper and rank advance, and to ultimately build a better world, Sebastián is all in.

“I am going for the 2-Star President ranking next! I am excited to work with my team and grow in discipline, persistence, perseverance, and focus, and above all, I aim to forge the spirit of each member of this team to reflect that of this amazing Chilean country,”

conveyed a patriotic Sebastián.

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