Mauricio Vattuone From Peru Achieves Black Diamond Rank At OmegaPro

For Mauricio Vattuone, attaining Black Diamond rank isn’t his biggest achievement. According to him, it’s the growth of his team “Momentum Pro.” 

“My team within OmegaPro is called Momentum Pro, and thus far we have created many new millionaires, having helped more than 25 people attain their financial freedom from over 20 countries around the world.

That accomplishment is my biggest achievement, and far more satisfying than achieving Black Diamond, which itself is beyond words!”

Mauricio shares his advice for those seeking to work as a professional rather than amateur.

“Regardless of your age or background, you can have success with OmegaPro. I’ve seen people ranging from 18 to over 60 have put to practice the effort required to change their lives.

They chose to go the professional route which is one of two speeds, the other being amateur. Momentum Pro is made up of professionals who connect to the system and follow their mentors’ advice and they work without fail.

Through this, leaders are born which is a role anyone wishing for Black Diamond success must take on.”

Mr. Vattuone has no intentions on slowing down, and according to him the team that started with a few and now crosses the globe is just warming up.

“Momentum Pro started with just 5 in Peru and now we’ve grown to over 30,000 partners around the World.

That’s what we have created with Momentum Pro. That’s what it’s about, growing for everyone’s benefit. It’s about giving more families the capacity to attain their financial freedom.

Now we’re going to give people plenty to talk about because new leaders are coming, and one of them can be you.”

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