Validus Opens Impressive Dubai HQ With International Flourish

According to a Validus Press Release:

Why Dubai? The answer is simple. Like Validus, Dubai is successful, innovative, and well connected. Moreover, as the Middle East’s leading location for commerce and finance, Dubai is home to a thriving business and enterprise sector.

According to the World Bank’s report: “Ease of Doing Businesses 2020”, Dubai benefits from abundant resources and a healthy business climate.

Displaying great energy and vigour, Validus takes up its rightful place in the centre of Dubai. The company continues to impress with its choice of a solidly prestigious and vital corporate base.

Famed for economic development, outstanding architecture, and rich cultural life, Dubai now provides the ideal setting for Validus HQ.

Office Unveiling

Leading lights from across the Validus networks arrived to celebrate and promote the next step in the Validus journey. VIP guests from Dubai joined the corporate team and leaders from over 30 countries to enjoy the opening festivities.

In addition to showcasing the stylish and sleek corporate environment, Mansour Tawafi, VP of Sales, led the speaker events.

CEO Howard Friend and CNO Dr Pawaz Daud shared insights and the vision into Dubai HQ’s role in supporting company operations as the heart of the Validus network.

Leaders from Thailand, Africa, South America, Europe and the Middle East gave enthusiastic applause in response to the sharing of initiatives and plans for the Dubai Validus hub.

The lively and upbeat nature of the HQ launch motivated everyone in attendance to return to their home territories with a revitalised drive to create value for others.

‘Exciting’, ‘influential’ and ‘pivotal’ described the inauguration of Validus’ company HQ in Dubai for those present.

Extending the Warmest of Welcomes

The grand opening invited leaders to visit, connect with the company first-hand, and engage fully in the company vision. As a result, all the inauguration attendees benefitted from an inclusive, engaging and warm welcome.

Delegates celebrated the inauguration of Validus HQ and took part in inspirational and educational presentations and workshops on the latest developments at Validus. Everyone who attended discovered more about how to make their lives better and share life-improving initiatives across their networks. Everyone in attendance gained a greater understanding of Validus’ role in creating a happier, wealthier, more secure future.

Spurring on Validus growth and market dominance

Limitless is a word often associated with the potential of Dubai. Validus is equally limitless.

Our Corporate Team, including CEO Howard Friend, CNO Dr Pawaz Daud, and all our Vice Presidents, find them self constantly in and out of Dubai. They collaborate daily on the Validus business plans.

The new HQ will overlook the Company’s Operational management, including Marketing, Branding, Legal and HR. With an ergonomic workplace design providing a comfortable, engaging and enlivening work setting, all members of the core Validus team are supported to maximise the opportunities for dynamic and collaborative results.

Strategically located to serve all international markets

Amazingly, two-thirds of the world’s population is only an eight-hour flight away from the wonders of Dubai. Yet another reason the oft-called City of Gold provides such an easily accessible and appropriately affluent and happening setting for Validus.

Providing a safe, welcoming and profitable business space, Validus can only benefit from the advantages offered in Dubai. Here, further office creation and expansion plans will be formed and enacted.

The Validus corporate headquarters will be Validus’ prime base for years to come. In addition, further office developments in other continents are being planned strategically to best serve the company and the network.

No One Needs to Miss Out

So much more is flowing from Validus. Regular events, retreats, and celebrating the success stories of the network are already on the calendar for the year ahead. Primed to take advantage of increasing Covid relaxations and ease of international travel, Validus is set to make 2022 a year of stunning success.

About Validus

Validus is a network marketing company that provides online education on the financial markets to educate those who are underserved by financial institutions globally.

Validus prides itself on delivering a unique payment and reward programme that pays out those who choose to network and even those who choose not to. For more information please visit

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