24 Year Old Maykol Morales From Peru Achieves Black Diamond Rank At OmegaPro

At just 24 years old and having been with OmegaPro for just over two years, Maykol Douglas Morales, has reached the rank of Black Diamond.

Thus demonstrating that age is not an obstacle in achieving your financial goal and that the most important thing is the decisions you make every day to achieve it.

“Nothing can hold me back or stand in my way. I truly know my own standards and unfailing desire to achieve monthly commissions in record time.

I would like to be the number one in the network marketing industry in Latin America”.

After a little more than two years, Maykol earns six figures per month and has traveled to more than eleven countries. Currently, he has several teams in Peru and even abroad.

Countries such as Panama, Mexico, Dominican Republic and Colombia are consolidating as strong markets for Omega Pro. However, his life has not always been so successful.

When he arrived in Lima, the jobs offered him only a minimum wage that was not enough to pay for college. He felt he was never going to get ahead.

However, one day one of his best friends introduced him to an opportunity and how they could invest in digital marketing. What really encouraged him to enter this world was seeing so many people getting results in such a short period of time.

And that was how he started: without experience, without money and without the support of his family and friends, who made him believe he was going down the wrong path.

At the very beginning, it seemed that they were right, because for three months he had no money, no clothes, and no food. Three hard months did not stop him from the road he had already started because he knew he could achieve his goals with determination and hard work.

This year Maykol’s goal is to reach the highest rank within the company, the Presidential Crown Diamond, as well as to travel to more than twenty countries. These achievements will help him in his true goal: to be the best orator and networker in the industry.

However, his aspirations go far beyond his own benefit. Today, he uses social media to help others. He shares personal advice and life aspirations so that many more young people can identify with his career path and can see that with perseverance and effort you can achieve your goals.

“I will make Peru the country with the highest growth and visionary creation in this industry, since I consider myself a young dreamer who feels he has the capacity to help thousands of families and many people to change their reality in the middle of this economic crisis and thus be able to create a legacy”.

Maykol has always known that this is teamwork. Together with the more than 20 000 people he has in his organization, he helps to achieve the goals of thousands of individuals, creating more leaders.

In particular, he would like to thank his leader and mentor Marcelo Vattuone who supported him from the beginning and who is motivating him to be able to become a more respected and admired organization in network marketing. 

About OmegaPro

The mission of OmegaPro is to deliver a secure world class trading experience to all clients – both retail and institutional. We continually invest in new technologies and people, to provide our clients with a diverse range of trading products and exceptional trading outputs.

Moreover, we put a major emphasis on account security – we use the most advanced tools and encryption protocols and provide plentiful market liquidity to ensure your capital. Thanks to the vast market volume that OmegaPro handles and our strict risk policies, we can ensure that your account with us is secure, while connecting you to the fast-paced global markets.

With over 1.5 Million members joining the OmegaPro family since its recent inception in 2018 – this revolution of bridging the gap between the traditional and the digital is just getting started!

Driven by the virtue of innovation and an ambition towards unparalleled idiosyncrasy – OmegaPro is ‘Building wealth without border for people without borders’. For more information please visit: www.omegapro.world

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