ByDzyne’s Mauricio Muñoz and Liliana Mesa from Colombia Achieve 1-Star President

ByDzyne is including yet another team on its illustrious list of Latin American power couples, with the arrival of new 1-Star Presidents Mauricio Muñoz and Liliana Mesa from Colombia. 

* A President generates over $200,000 in sales revenue during a half-a-month span. 

Although Mauricio and Liliana’s story includes profitable seasons in the engineering and economics world, the couple from Medellín, Colombia, always dreamt of ‘something more.’

They longed to be masters of their time, to be parents that were present, and to have true financial peace of mind, granting them the opportunity to fulfill not only their dreams and purpose in life but guarantee a wonderful future for their children.

They initially found that ‘something more’ almost 10 years ago when they started their own company, IZE Consultores, a consulting firm that specializes in technological solutions and financial performance management.

That dream has now blossomed into featuring over 60 consultants with over 15 years of experience in offices in Bogotá and Medellín, Colombia, and San Jose, Costa Rica; their clients include some of the most prominent businesses and large corporations throughout Central and Latin America.   

Meanwhile, at the beginning of their path of entrepreneurship, they were then introduced to network marketing and discovered the potential to generate residual income, in addition to the unlimited possibilities of growing as human beings and leaders, developing new skills, and continuing their mission of helping and transforming the lives of others. 

While they dabbed in and out of the industry for the past several years—the couple was hungry to begin a new business venture—they wanted to wait for the right opportunity at exactly the right time. Then, in 2020, they received a phone call that changed everything. 

“We received a phone call from our family members, Paola Torres and Salvatore Conforti, who, for us, are leaders full of integrity. We didn’t hesitate to listen to what they had for us.

We were awestruck by ByDzyne’s innovative and disruptive approach to capitalizing on multiple trends and were excited to be new pioneers again.

In addition, getting to know the owners and their vision and trajectory for this company made us completely say ‘yes,’ and from there, the newest and biggest chapter in our lives began,”

shared the Colombian couple. 

The chapters since that day have all been about gratefulness. From their faith, to their organization, including an appreciation for fellow 2-Star Presidents Torres and Conforti, and to ByDyzne’s executive team, Mauricio and Liliana are simply thankful for those around them.  

“This and all the achievements in our lives we attribute first and foremost to God, who is our backbone and main partner in all of this.

We also acknowledge our group of leaders and partners in Colombia, Central America, Mexico, and the USA, who inspire us to be better every day and motivate us to give the best of ourselves so that we all are aligned with the same vision and are working to reach the same goals together. 

This latest rank advancement is the result of the discipline and consistent work of many people who have joined our team, the sum of all of our talents, and the commitment and dedication of every one of our partners.

So thankful for them! And finally, deep gratitude to our executive team, who created this ByDzyne vehicle that allows us to touch and positively influence the lives of thousands of people every day,”

expressed Mauricio and Liliana.

Chad and Nattida Chong, ByDzyne’s cofounders, are elated with the company’s latest stars and are eager to see what they accomplish next.  

“Congratulations to Mauricio Muñoz & Liliana Mesa, our newest 1-Star Presidents from Colombia!

BD Nation celebrates you today for this incredible achievement, and for your continued hard work, dedication and perseverance, and aspirations to bring positive change to the world.

We are also encouraged to see what you both will do next in Latin America,”

conveyed the Chongs. 

As Mauricio and Liliana’s story continues, the couple remains deeply motivated to continue to change the lives of so many in their Latin American community.

They already have their eyes set on future rank advancements, increased financial and personal growth for their team, and goals achieved day in and day out. One area they hope remains constant though, is their appreciation for all that has been set before them. 

“We have gratitude towards the industry for everything it has given us professionally, personally, and financially. Gratitude for all the people who have arrived and for all those who will arrive.

Gratitude for all the goals achieved and for the new goals to be achieved. Gratitude for all the way traveled. Gratitude for all the people that have said yes, and for all the people that have said no.

Gratitude for our children. And gratitude for our entire team. Together to the other shore!”

shouted the jubilant couple. 

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