Top Norwegian Leader Christoffer Wulff-Pedersen Joins BE

Christoffer Wulff-Pedersen from Norway, started his journey before BE as a Sales Director at 22 years old.

Climbing up the corporate ladder of one of the biggest tire companies in Norway. But exchanging 12-14 hours a day for money and not being able to spend time with family is the complete opposite of what Christoffer wanted in life.

In 2010, his father introduced him to a networking company. It is here where, with the help of his father, who became his sponsor and upline, he began a long journey with this company. He very quickly committed to full-time with the company in 2011.

After 12 years of being part of that company, he felt stuck. The fun factor had already gone, and for 3.5 years, he continued working where his father was. Being close friends with the founders, he found it difficult to leave his comfort zone.

“It took me time to have the guts to admit to myself that I wanted a change in my life before I finally managed to take the final decision to leave the company,” Wulff-Pedersen wistfully recalled.

After leaving his previous company, Christoffer found BE. After being exposed to the company, he found,

“It had all the aspects I was subconsciously seeking from a company and the community.”

He then decided to do more research. Christoffer later discovered that the founders, Moyn Islam, Monir Islam, and Ehsaan Islam had a vision to create a sustainable long-term business that Christoffer would call home for many years to come.

The philosophy of BE revolves around empowering individuals to take complete control of their life by providing a global platform available to everyone, regardless of skill set, background, and experience.

With the use of powerful tools and unbeatable financial rewards, Brand Influencers have the freedom to build and earn a part-time or full-time income.

Christoffer credits multiple people for his success in the networking industry. Firstly, he credits his father, who considers his good friend and mentor.

“I want to give credit to my father, Hugo Olsen, who helped me enter this whole world of network marketing, and all the years of collaboration and fun I had with him on this journey.

I also want to credit my good friend and mentor for many years, Øyvind Lien, for giving me the best gift a friend can give, belief.”

He also includes his many colleagues at BE.

“BE wouldn’t be a part of my life if it wasn’t for Sunny Singh, Max Nilsenius, and Krister Berntsen, their team spirit and spectacular vision of what we are about to create for many years to come.”

Christoffer’s personal goal is to become a big part of the company’s vision and help inspire 1 million people to create their own workplace.

“If you are inspired to make a change in your own life, BE can be the vehicle that will make this happen for you. What you need to ask yourself is this question:

“If money wasn’t a question, mention three things you really would like to spend your time on. After answering these question to yourself, figure out if BE is the home for you to achieve this. It certainly was for me.”

About BE

BE is a next-generation ecosystem made up of a unique concept of ‘Live & Learn’ which includes e-learning and travel platforms with a comprehensive set of tools for independent business owners.

The BE ecosystem uses artificial intelligence technology, to offer a decentralized, transparent, and empowering space for people from all walks of life, regardless of their educational or financial background, to build their very own multimillion-dollar business from their smartphone.

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