Ivan Martinez & Juan Fernando Franco Achieve Ambassador Rank At BE

Ivan Martinez and Juan Fernando Franco, the latest duo to add their names to an exclusive list of successful people—BE’s newest Ambassadors—are now living the lives they dreamed of.

They have always had a get-go attitude from the beginning, embodying the word “hustlers,” as people would call them.

Both entered the entrepreneurial space at a very young age. Yet, they weren’t gaining returns that matched their level of talent and perseverance. They knew something had to change.

Despite spending a decade in the industry, the pair only saw their skills bear fruit with BE, achieving success and stability. The pair were extremely enthusiastic about joining the Islam brothers’ company.*

“For the first time in 10 years of being in network marketing, we are living with actual residual income! Because of BE, we have been able to invest in our dream lives, provide a secure future for our families, and empower people of all walks of life to progress and realize their own dreams.”

Juan Fernando explained how they viewed the company before signing up.

“They are trailblazing pioneers with a clear vision. They were disrupting multiple markets from eLearning to blockchain, immersive virtual world, travel, online marketing and more. BE is providing easy-to-use tools that allow many to improve their daily lives.

“As soon as we joined BE, we felt a strong certainty that we are part of a consolidated company. I wouldn’t want it any other way; BE has and will be my best decision in 5…10 years or even a lifetime to come!”

Asked about their experience in the company, he simply replied,

“Monir, Moyn, and Ehsaan Islam have consistently shown leadership and guidance to the BE community. Support was always felt and there when needed. Anyone who joins BE can expect to have strong leaders to rely on but need to bring a strong work ethic or be ready to mold it.”

Ivan added:

“BE has immensely helped us develop and live our potential both personally and professionally. We see BE continuing to make waves in these different markets, and we want to be part of the ripple that makes these waves.”

Make waves they did. When they joined BE, the experience they brought to the table was immediately highly valued. Their team described them as “very focused and know exactly what they want to achieve.”

Other BE members also attested to the positivity Juan and Ivan brought into the company, especially their team. The motivation they gave them molded the group into a collective example of diligence and passion. With their hard work, they made their mark on the industry, changing the landscape forever.

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are of the specific individual represented in the article and not of BE and are neither officially endorsed by BE. This article is only meant for reference purposes and is not meant to guarantee earning, as any guarantee of earnings would be misleading.

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