Wisdom Sparks Action For Erich Nguyen & Validus Vietnam

It’s clear what propelled Erich Nguyen so rapidly to the rank of Diamond in Validus. He is clearsighted, tireless and values the unique proposition Validus presents.

But, most importantly, he grasps the importance of the value Validus creates with its financial education and training for all members.

Erich has his finger firmly on the pulse of the digital fiscal world. He is an experienced and versatile marketing specialist and personal financial manager based in Vietnam.

He was first drawn to MLM ten years ago and boasts an impressive eight years of experience in Forex and Cryptocurrencies. Deciding to champion Validus in Vietnam is a choice he has made from wisdom and understanding.

“Since joining Validus, it has been my full-time occupation. I understand that success requires focus. I choose to be an example, a model to inspire all the associates who trust me and have joined Validus.”

Erich explains that his knowledge of and deep respect for Mansour Tawafi, VP of Sales at Validus, caused him to investigate what Validus had to offer. Describing the VP of Sales as an exceptional human being whom he admires because of Mansour’s impressive track record and command of the cryptocurrency arena, Erich describes how discovering Validus was like watching clouds part to reveal a bright future.

“For the past two years, I had stopped MLM because I had not found a suitable company. I have to be sure about what I invest my time and energy in. Mansour told me about Validus, its financial education and its plans to become a billion-dollar company.

As a trainer, I understand the value of learning, the importance of financial education to each individual’s success and the value of helping many people through the Validus Academy. So the route to success was clear, and I decided to join Validus. 

Steep Hills need Stronger Strides:

Starting with Validus during the outbreak of Covid-19 created many challenges. First, everywhere was locked down, his associates and relatives were all affected by the virus, and Erich found people simply did not have the same interest in business opportunities. Then came the Tet holiday, the most important holiday of the year in Vietnam and a time everyone spends with family.

“People often don’t want to start new ventures at the end of the year. I had to work very hard to create conversations at the time, and my conversion rate was low because of the local and global circumstances.

However, I persevered and kept my energy up, and then I had the delight of our first Vietnamese partners.”

Finding Balance and Inspiration:

As Leader for Validus in Vietnam, Erich puts his success down to several things:

  • Making decisions quickly and efficiently
  • Avoiding micromanaging
  • Empowering and placing trust in his teams

For Erich, this is action for a reason, action formed in wisdom, trust and mutual respect. His love of self-development through reading, meditation and contemplation supports this wise approach. Finding harmony in life is essential to him, and he has a particular fondness for these calming and restorative pastimes.

Erich is a leader in many areas of life and runs classes for others on leadership, personal development, and financial management. His favorite reading material is on the world’s great leaders, and he shares what he learns to spark class debates and enlightened discussion, goal setting, and accountability.

Every day Erich and his class members act together to set goals based on what they discover. Then, all decisions are made to ensure the desired result will be achieved.

Future Focus

With Erich and his inspired teams on board, it will not be long before Validus becomes a billion-dollar company with millions of members. Erich envisions the day when the name Validus will be universally known and mentioned with pride for its transparency, talented leaders, quality training programs, trending business models, sustainability, and prosperity.

Erich’s ultimate inspiration is Validus’ Crown Diamond club and for Vietnam to have the strongest Validus team in the world, with an unrivalled worldwide reputation. For Erich, it’s clear: this company is ours, and the sky is the limit.

About Validus

Validus is a network marketing company that provides online education on the financial markets to educate those who are underserved by financial institutions globally.

Validus prides itself on delivering a unique payment and reward program that pays out those who choose to network and even those who choose not to. For more information, please visit teamvalidus.com

Get more information, facts and figures about Validus, click here for the Validus overview.

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