Daniel Villada From Colombia Achieves Black Diamond Rank At OmegaPro

Daniel Villada was for years an intelligence agent of the Colombian National Police, a job that he was very proud of but that made him very unhappy over time. Until a drastic event led him to have to make a decision.

“I had to leave my family for long periods of time, I worked between 14 and 18 hours a day to do my job and there were no incentives beyond the commemorations, something that did not compensate my family for the time that I could not spend with them.

He couldn’t even offer them a better quality of life. But the moment when I really had to choose to change my life was after an accident.”

A bullet changed Daniel’s life: life gave him a second chance after a moment in which he could have lost everything. So he understood that this was the signal to start over and look for an alternative for his life and improve his family’s.

“When I learned about network marketing, I was able to take back the reins of my life and, even better, I discovered that I had the ability to inspire other people to change theirs too.

With my story, I inspire those who could not find their purpose and have felt like slaves to a poorly paid job.”

Daniel is a man of values ​​who faced great difficulties. His recovery story and his beginnings in network marketing have served as a great inspiration for his team. He stood out from the beginning, being a dreamer full of positivity who was missing numerous teeth due to an accident that could have cost him his life. However, Daniel never took this fact as an impediment.

“When you talk to people about changing their lives and yours is not yet a success story, you can see the difference between someone who wants change and someone who acts to obtain those changes. The taxi is there to get on wherever you want to go, if we don’t get on we get stuck in the same place.”

One of Daniel’s main focuses is to show colleagues in the police and military who are in a similar situation to his before the accident, that they can do different things to get better results. They are people used to hard work, but with few rewards for it.

Daniel has provided valuable information to thousands of people, he has taught them to develop skills to solve their financial problems by taking advantage of OmegaPro’s financial tool, and, most importantly for him, he has given them back the ability to dream. Those who work with him talk about how he is a great networker, partner, friend, and a great human being with a very special and inspiring energy.

“It’s really great to see people re-manifest their dreams and desires, and it brings a sparkle back to their eyes and energy to their lives.

So I know my work has been worth it. There are people who feel lost, without direction, until they find an opportunity like this and a job like this.

This industry has made me grow as a human being and for that, I am very grateful to the people who have helped me to be part of it, and especially to the company, OmegaPro, which I know will be the most important network marketing company in the world. Coming Soon”

Daniel currently and after 20 months of work at OmegaPro, he generates more than 7 figures. He has helped over 20,000 people in the process and has achieved the rank of Black Diamond.

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