Inspiring Leader Fadi Baba Secures Value At Validus

sEven leaders need someone to look up to. We all need our guiding stars. Fadi Baba is fond of quoting one of his greatest inspirational figures, legendary boxer Muhammad Ali. He lives life in tune with the boxing legend’s instruction:

“Don’t count the days; make the days count.”

Every day of the next 12 months will be huge for Validus in the Asia Pacific region, where Australia-based Fadi has his prime interests. He will be working as a major motivating and educating force to ensure productivity.

Fadi has always been in business, expressing entrepreneurial flair even in his early twenties. What attracted him to the MLM concept is that by helping others achieve what they want, he automatically achieves what he wants.

Understanding the ground floor opportunity with Validus, Fadi grasped the chance to take on a new and exciting challenge. He was aware from the beginning that Validus provides an ideal vehicle to achieve greater time freedom and to both have more and do more with his life.

Fadi Baba says:

“Credit goes to brother Mansour Tawafi and Dr Pawaz Daud, whom I have known for over eight years.

They contacted me and shared their vision for an incredible platform which blends the opportunity to help individuals learn and earn in a meritocratic environment.

It was self-evident to me that Validus has a unique business model with a great compensation plan.”

With his open communication style and a massively encouraging message to share, Fadi credits his success to his honesty, faith, humour and ability to focus. He encourages all his Validus leaders and team members to stay in their most productive zones where momentum is high, and focus remains clear.

“I like to share my take on what focus means:

Follow One Course Until Success. Too many people can become quickly and unnecessarily distracted, losing their attention to matters and being pushed around by circumstances.

Validus provides a straightforward route to focus on what matters for your team, yourself, and your future.”

The power of meditation to clear the mind and concentrate a person’s energy is no stranger to Fadi, as prayer and meditation are essential parts of his day. Fadi enjoys the company of family and friends around a relaxing pool; he also loves to travel and is always up for an adventure.

He is a strong advocate of being yourself in business. There is no need to be anything other than yourself.

For Fadi, this open and honest, self-respecting approach to business means no headaches or strain for him or his teams. He relishes the opportunity to tell it like it is.

An advocate of the fact that the numbers don’t lie, Fadi readily shares the benefits of the Validus “compounding with freedom” model and the organisation’s unique set-up of weekly rewards.

“Sharing information about the earning potential with my team and Validus members demonstrates what everyone has to gain from joining this platform.

From the Blue Diamond position, I have a bird’s eye view of how the company is gaining significant traction in various markets.

The commitment of the Validus leadership is outstanding, and I’m already witnessing this company changing many lives around the world.”

 While currently involved in several enterprises, Fadi is looking forward to dedicating himself entirely to network marketing. For him, nothing provides a better work-life balance than network marketing.

He sees Validus as the vehicle to retire him from his other business ventures and relocate his family to their dream location. With all this in mind, he will be working closely with the aspiring leaders in his team to help them develop and grow.  

“I offer others my sincerity, commitment, courage and ability to steadfastly work towards defined goals.

I believe in making sure people really feel that they’re in business for themselves, but not by themselves. This is an essential part of inspiring people to have faith in your leadership.”

As Muhammad Ali and Fadi Baba would undoubtedly agree: “True success is reaching our potential without compromising our values.”

About Validus

Validus is a network marketing company that provides online education on the financial markets to educate those who are underserved by financial institutions globally.

Validus prides itself on delivering a unique payment and reward programme that pays out those who choose to network and even those who choose not to. For more information, please visit

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