Manuel Morales From Argentina Achieves Presidential Diamond Rank at BE

Manuel Morales was born to a middle-class family in Burzaco, the southern region of Buenos Aires, Argentina. He was a good son, following his parents’ advice.

“It took 7 years of working in a factory before realizing this was not the life I wanted,” he shared.

Thinking it would bring him a better life, he went the traditional route by going to school for five years and becoming a lawyer.

Manuel’s one business soon became seven. That was when he found networking and immediately fell in love with it.

“I realized that this was not the way to go either, so I started first with traditional businesses.”  “This was the profession I was looking for.”

It wasn’t long before Manuel joined the industry, precisely on August 18, 2018. The networking company he first joined turned out to be a lucrative business.

He found success and traveled to many countries, but they had to start looking for other options when the pandemic hit. That’s when  Manuel was introduced to BE. If he thought he had good results before, he was not prepared for the growth he was about to achieve.

As a lawyer, he learned one of the essential things in his legal career was to join a reputable company. It would help him build a stable, long-term career and peace of mind.

“When I spoke with BE CVO Monir Islam, the co-founder discussed the company’s vision and the milestones they’ve reached as a business.” It gave Manuel such confidence in the company’s future that he felt assured that it was “a safe place”

for an ambitious dreamer like him.

Indeed, BE has been a safe and rewarding place for him.

“I can’t take all the credit for myself,” said Manuel. “The credit for my results and my success is a set of many people, as I try to learn from everyone I surround myself with.”

From his family to his girlfriend, his mentors, his team, and the BE founders Moyn, Ehsaan, and Monir Islam, he sees them all as having played essential roles in his journey at BE.

Lastly, he added,

“The most important person is oneself. In the hard moments where it would be easy to give up, only you can decide and take action to keep going.”

“The BE founders have an incredible story of overcoming. I think they know perfectly what it is to start from the bottom without results. That is why the vision they created for this company goes far beyond economics. It’s really a stable and healthy workplace for thousands of people, who no longer find what to do with their lives in this new technological world.”

“The world changes too fast, and this company adapts quickly to those changes, so we always have the tools that customers and partners need to continue growing. That’s why I trusted the company’s vision 100%, as I can see firsthand all that we have achieved and all that remains to be achieved.”

Manuel emphasizes how he does not know of any company like BE. Every part of the products and services are well-thought-out to serve their clients’ and distributors’ needs. “Even the pages where purchases of those services are made are incredible.”

BE is changing the game. BE provides tools necessary for anyone to promote digital applications and platforms in various industries such as eLearning, financial markets, immersive virtual world, online marketing, and clothing. Each product improves the lives of customers around the world.

Following the founders’ lead, Manuel has set a big 10-year goal for himself.

“My vision for the next ten years is to build a legacy, with my example of overcoming that if you can create a life of freedom and abundance in the network marketing industry.”

He wants not just to inspire people to take a leap but to dare to reach for a spot among the top professionals.

He believes BE is the right place to make that happen. He also believes that it starts with understanding the company’s vision and aligning goals. “‘Success leaves traces,’ as they say, and if you want to have great results, the fastest way is to let yourself be guided by the people who have the results you want.”

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