Matías Piriz Achieves Presidential Diamond Rank at BE

Matías Piriz’s early years in the industry were far from easy. Try as he might, he couldn’t earn more than $1,500.

It reached a point when he could hardly afford to buy diapers for his son. In a last attempt to make it through the networking industry, he joined BE. That final chance at hope in a field he loved paid off incredibly.

In some sense, a third try at the industry seemed very risky with his financial situation. However, after studying the company—especially the “innovative, flexible and variable vision for a world with so many changes and an aggressive compensation plan—Matías knew it was the game-changer.

Today, he’s beyond grateful that he went through with it.

“Without giving everything, nothing would have worked,” he mused. But he knew he couldn’t take all the credit. “I give credit to my mentors because they are the ones who have allowed me to learn and rise in many areas of my life.”

In rising, Matías shared about the team he now leads and how much he values his journey with them.

“They are old and new school gladiators and visionaries, willing to give their everything to the field every day.”

Matías Piriz on stage

Matías also talked about the tremendous emotional connection he formed with the BE founders. “I related to their story because I’ve also experienced hitting rock bottom. But they didn’t stop there. They rose together and overcame their struggles, building an empire from the ashes.

I believe a lot in Moyn, Monir, and Ehsaan Islam’s vision; that’s why every day I wear the shirt of this company.”

It’s this company pride that helps fuel his passion for what he does daily. He believes in the vision and the mission, and he does his part to further it. Over time, the company brings more and more new members, eager and hungry for success.

Matías takes part in contributing to the company’s goals by mentoring the newest, just as he was mentored when he first joined.

“One of the most incredible things about this company is its ability to improve daily,” he boasts. Imparting to new distributors the importance of the services they provide to clients is essential for him.

A part of the company he feels strongly about is the products.

“Having a platform as complete as we do at BE makes everything easier for an inexperienced person. I’m often in awe of how much thought is put into these details.”

BE has the tools essential for anyone to promote digital applications and platforms in industries like eLearning, financial markets, immersive virtual world, online marketing, and clothing. The products enrich the lives of customers around the world.

He also recalls how much the company’s leadership helped him when he started and stressed how much assistance they are to him as a leader who offers guidance daily in and out.

“My goal is to be number 1 in the company, and my vision with BE is aligned with my purpose, which is to impact 1 million people with my talents.”

The goal is always to see his mentees:

“live with purpose, abundance, happiness, and fullness.”

For him, the secret is to

“be aware that you are in a company where the partner is heard and valued, where they always seek to improve, where they seek excellence, and above all, they connect with your objectives and goals.”

He describes such a company as full of heart and hunger with principles leading the way. For Matías Piriz, that company is BE.

About BE

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The BE ecosystem uses artificial intelligence technology, to offer a decentralized, transparent, and empowering space for people from all walks of life, regardless of their educational or financial background, to build their very own multimillion-dollar business from their smartphone.

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