Xiomara Meza From Peru Achieves Black Diamond Rank At OmegaPro

Xiomara Meza is an economist by profession with over 10 years of experience in finance, financial coaching, and current digital business consultant, and now holds the Black Diamond rank at OmegaPro.

A determined woman who makes the impossible happen. She is characterized by taking her team to go the extra mile and working on the leadership of the many professionals who work with her. Her goal for her organization is to be the highest performing in the industry.

She has managed to get the most out of all the mothers who work with her, as well as multiple other professionals. She has managed to build a solid team within Peru, as well as in Spain, England, Guatemala, Mexico, Colombia, and Chile.

Leadership has been a part of her life throughout all these years since college, it is characterized by empowering mothers and fathers to raise their results outside the traditional world. It’s really important to her that everyone who has children in her organization is a mother and a father present in the lives of her children.

Professional, woman, and mother of a family who declares her goal to help other people like her to improve their family finances.

Many of us do not know what our future will be like, what it brings us, what awaits us, so the best way to predict your future is to create it. If you create the future, what you have to do is work for the future that you want.

My greatest satisfaction is seeing the entire team achieving goals, this is due to the great work team that we carry out day by day, I am convinced that by working together, always seeking common well-being, and leveraging our great skills, we all grow and the best thing is that the complete learning path is done.

In this business you not only make money but also seek to deprogram yourself from the I can’t, from the I’m not going to achieve it. It implies a redesign in your finances, your personality, and in your lifestyle. OmegaPro is the company that offers you that lifestyle you were looking for.”

Xiomara has built an extraordinary methodology of duplication, teaching in a short time so that the results that she has are attainable for her entire team based on comprehension and understanding. In fact, her team is one of the fastest-growing in the industry right now, with many leaders reaching amazing levels of turnover.

Xiomara’s way of working is strongly based on planning: she plans the team’s goal at the beginning of each month, with the philosophy that “he who does not plan his success is planning his failure”, and where the words ‘I can’t’ are prohibited.

“The world is so big and competitive… The idea is that you surround yourself with the best, those who make things happen, who challenge you every day to go the extra mile.

The methodology developed by the team is to show your leadership through your results, thereby seeking to ensure that both men and women experience the benefits of the digital world and enjoy time with their family.”

“Thanks to my number one teammate: my daughter Luana; My work team, We dare to live what others see. Thanks to Angie Amaya and Gerardo Coral for showing me this way; and thanks to OmegaPro for offering me this great business opportunity”. God’s times are perfect and I am grateful to him for having put them in my path.

From my great feeling of gratitude to all my team of leaders for tremendous work for trusting me and for letting themselves be guided. You know with us your success is assured.

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