Israel Silva From Mexico Achieves Crown Diamond Rank At OmegaPro

OmegaPro is proud to share with the announcement that Israel Silva has achieved the phenomenal rank of Crown Diamond with the company.

Israel Silva had a few words to share on his achievement:

“I’m thankful that God has answered my prayers, in that I’d overcome the trauma that comes with the lack of financial freedom and that I could educate others to do the same.

I suffered bankruptcy and all the general trauma associated with it.

It’s an emotional situation that isn’t easy to overcome. OmegaPro was the answered prayer and this honored achievement is more meaningful than what can be put into words.”

Israel concludes with some advice for those wanting to achieve the same level of success as he:

“The recipe for success is all about belief; you must first believe in yourself, in your company, the product, your team and this industry.

Develop your mind and core skills and just do it. Achieve your goals, no matter what.”

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