Jordan Belfort “The Wolf Of Wallstreet” And “The Straight Line System”

Jordan Belfort is an American entrepreneur, speaker, author, former banker and stockbroker that is a household name in the world of motivation and Network Marketing. From being a door-to-door meat and seafood salesman to a celebrated motivational speaker, Belfort has and is living a stellar career.

Taking stage on the Rise LATAM podium with thousands of the OmegaPro family watching live in person and tuning in through digital platforms, the main theme of his speech revolved around the importance of business ethics and learning from past mistakes. Jordan Belfort appealed to OmegaPro with what he calls the “Straight Line System“.

Money is important, but not only money is important:

 Belfort started by saying, “I have been rich and miserable. I have been rich and happy. I have been poor and miserable. But I have NEVER been poor and happy”.

Money is an enabler. He stressed on the importance of getting rich quickly. With the ensuing inflation and the inescapable fact of money losing its value with every passing minute, it is crucial for us to focus, strive and work hard and become financially free, fight mediocrity and be a beacon of life and hope for everyone around us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Belfort’s Mantra of being a champion Network Marketer:

 Networking plays a major role in marketing. Networking holds the key to all the riches. To some, this comes naturally. It is genetically coded in them. They can persuade people without breaking a sweat. But that’s not the majority. Most of the crowd are not extroverted or effectively persuasive. Not everyone is comfortable putting themselves out there in the real world.

Jordan Belfort

However, in the world of network marketing, it does not matter whether an individual is knowledgeable or has an innate talent for sales, persuasion or marketing. The difference-maker lies in the ability to stay emotionally strong and the willingness to put in the groundwork – willingness to learn, willingness to practice and willingness to communicate. Belfort pinpointed its willingness that opens the flood gates to infinite abundance along with momentum that determines the level of success.

According to Jordan Belfort, there are four pillars to master in this business:

(1) State of Mind

 The first pillar of success is our State of Mind.

How confident are we feeling? Are we positive? Or are we overwhelmed? Are we courageous? Are we comfortable? How competitive are we?

The state of mind is the perfect yard-stick to measure our level of success. Before hitting start, It is imperative to ensure the right state of mind. One can train the mind for success.

There are 4C’s in network marketing which is essential for any aspiring entrepreneur – Clarity, Credibility, Consistency and Competitiveness. Measure your current state of mind levels and work towards increasing them. If you lack confidence, practice talking to people, if you lack clarity, learn. If you are not feeling positive, journey inwards and become aware of your thoughts, and change it. If you lack comfort, force yourself into uncomfortable situations.

(2) Belief

Belfort’s second pillar of success is Belief – belief in us, belief in the product, and belief in the business. Belief also takes away two prime-resistance players from the game – uncertainty and initial inertia. Uncertainty brews doubts. Doubt brews fear. And eventually, fear makes one quit.

Thousands have tried and failed because they lacked belief. Belief helps us weed out any uncertainty and gets us to tunnel through the initial inertial resistance. This is also what Jordan Belfort talks about in his critically acclaimed method – the ‘Straight Line System’.

Earlier, Belfort stressed on the significance of keeping up momentum in order to be successful in network marketing. This is where the third pillar of success enters the foray.

(3) Vision

 The third pillar is Vision. A vision of the future. This is to find answers to:

Where do we see ourselves in the next five years? How much money would we like to make? Where would we see our business? How many people would you want to be working under you? How many lives would we want to have changed? How much would we like to give back? And the most important question out of all these is – Why do we want it?

(4) Personal Standards

 Belfort’s fourth pillar of success is setting Personal Standards. It’s the natural set-point for success. What is our setting? What temperature is our thermostat set to? What are we shooting for in life? What is the standard of living we want to achieve? Raise it. Raise our standards. And settle for nothing less. Belfort urges us to stay impervious to destruction.

Belfort listed three strategies for assured success for the OmegaPro community to apply:

(1) Entrepreneurship

 By entrepreneurship, be it training, learning something new, or needed in order to grow the business. Another important part of entrepreneurship is in handling profits. This plays a very crucial part in manifesting the vision.

(2) Marketing

 Belfort calls this the ‘Two-Headed Monster’. This is where network marketing comes into play. In order to be a successful businessperson, one should be able to develop networking skills. One should be able to communicate with prospective clients, give presentations, and persuade people to join a cause.

(3) Multiple streams of resources

 This process is crucial in making the journey to the top a little easier. This is where one should find ways to make existing resources work. Anything more than the basic necessities should be reinvested. This is the age-old secret that successful people have followed for centuries, that makes the difference between the rich and poor, and that solves the riddle ‘Rich Get Richer, Poor Get Poorer’.

Following Belfort’s advice to the keen ears of the OmegaPro community – the key takeaway was that success is simply a byproduct. If done the right way, network marketing can become quite simple over time. With the right mindset and leadership, people by the hundreds or even thousands will flock towards those who know how to become a champion network marketer.

Before ending the seminar on a high and stressing the importance of having an attitude of gratitude, Jordan Belfort talked about his personal life, how he dealt with personal demons, succumbed to them, fought back, rose to the top and found his second calling as a motivational speaker.

On that day, he changed many lives for the better. The OmegaPro community eagerly awaits Belfort’s next address in a grander setting.

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