Jordan Belfort “The Wolf Of Wallstreet” At The OmegaPro Rise Convention

Network Marketing is substantially different and monumentally dynamic for a ‘way of life’ that has been in existence and practice since centuries. It’s more than just another profession for no two days in this business, arrive with a similar set of challenges.

This is the business of the people, at the very root of it – you don’t practice the art of multi level, you live it, you become it – this is the uniquely exclusive paradigm of both business and education at the same time.

Leading the industry at global level with a teeming 1,800,000 champions calling themselves a ‘family’, despite belonging to 170 countries spread across 4 continents speaking a diverse tongue of over 15 languages, OmegaPro has always designed to deliver the best of education to that ‘family’.

Picking the shiniest names and badges that have caused uproars, built and mentored millions in this ever evolving network marketing challenge – OmegaPro’s super trainers are equipped with every potential strategy that one may ever require to turn their lives upside down.

Call them Coaches, call them Mentors, call them Gurus, call them Experts – these are humans with the caliber to create impact. The latest entrant to this list of prodigies was none other than Jordan Belfort, a frequent at OmegaPro’s webinars and global conventions, having previously trained the community in The Coca-cola Arena, Dubai for the first edition of Rise.

OmegaPro spearheaded the biggest event in the history of the tropical paradise of Central America – Panama City, with more than 10,000 people at the palatial Panama Convention Center, on Jun 9 & Jun 10.

This was OmegaPro’s second Global Convention, titled Rise Latam, dedicated to one of its biggest communities in Latin America.

Jordan Belfort on stage

This event, following the OmegaPro tradition of Rise, was catered to its community as a once in a lifetime opportunity for imparting invaluable education, training, inspiration and motivation that empower self-made entrepreneurs to reach newer heights and crack the code of success.

To facilitate this, OmegaPro roped in the biggest A-Listers of the industry – the awe-inspiring millionaire motivational speaker ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ himself Jordan Belfort, whose rags to riches story has inspired millions of people all over the world, and the world’s most-watched and most trusted human resource for Network Marketing and business training ‘The Network Marketing Guru’ Eric Worre.

They delivered extensive training sessions to the audience gathered from more than 15 countries.

Eric Worre

Jordan Belfort is an American entrepreneur, speaker, author, former banker and stockbroker that is a household name in the world of motivation and Network Marketing. From being a door-to-door meat and seafood salesman to a celebrated motivational speaker, Belfort has and is living a stellar career.

Taking stage on the Rise LATAM podium with thousands of the OmegaPro family watching live in person and tuning in through digital platforms, the main theme of his speech revolved around the importance of business ethics and learning from past mistakes. Jordan Belfort appealed to OmegaPro with what he calls the “Straight Line System”.

The notion of ‘Rise’ was coined to emulate, not only to signify the growth of OmegaPro as a brand but also what the company is striving to achieve for its global ‘family’.

OmegaPro goes above and beyond to turn its motto into reality – ‘Building wealth beyond borders for people without borders’.

It ensures that its community is trained systematically, strategically and regularly to eradicate any levels of complacency. To facilitate this, it brings in the absolute best trainers and success coaches that the world currently has to offer.

Why is it so that some succeed like no other in network marketing while others keep trying to find the right combination to solve the puzzle?

Belfort’s words echoed loud and clear – consistency. With its horizon stretching constantly, it is imperative that the community remains sufficiently motivated and efficiently trained to combat and cast aside – ignorance, uncertainty, FUD, nay-sayers and more.

Jordan Belfort began in his typical ever-so-casual yet captivating style of speaking. He filled the arena with copious amounts of invaluable wisdom that could easily saturate anyone in attendance with enough dopamine to make them take inspired action and achieve success.

He went at length to stress the importance motivation plays in the journey towards success – the combined tally of motivation, determination, grit and grind required to become a successful entrepreneur.

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