Network Marketing Professionals Marc Müller & Miriam Behnke From Germany Join iGenius

Marc Müller and Miriam Behnke knew it was time to make a change, and recently decided to join iGenius after vetting several other companies. They said,

“In our opinion, iGenius is by far the best service based company on the market. We now know dozens of companies because we took our time when deciding on the right company.

We tested many different companies over several weeks and compared the products with each other. For this reason, we can claim with full conviction that we made the best decision for us and our team.”

Marc, twenty-two years old, and Miri, thirty-six years old, are originally from Germany and now reside in Dubai. Marc was introduced to network marketing shortly after his eighteenth birthday. After attending a big network marketing event, he decided to go all in and start his new career.

Miri quickly learned that her office clerk position was not going to help her achieve all of her dreams and goals. Five years ago, she was introduced to her first network marketing opportunity and was immediately hooked. From that point on, her life drastically changed. She said,

“After 2 years I decided to leave the product area because I saw more advantages for absolutely everyone in the financial sector.

I have been able to gain a lot of experience in different areas over the past few years and despite a few setbacks, I am fully convinced that network marketing is the best way to lead a life of freedom and independence.”

Marc and Miri were introduced to iGenius by Tino Taupe & Felix Alfen. They were intrigued about the iGenius opportunity because they learned that they can build a source of income not only with the network marketing side of things, but they can also build an income by using the iGenius products. They said,

“We are enthusiastic about the variety of iGenius products in different industries, because this variety enables people to generate profits regardless of the markets.

In our old company, the focus was exclusively on education in the crypto market. In a bullish market phase it is a good tool for customers, but in a bearish market phase it makes more sense to be open minded to other markets and not just focus on crypto education.

We are convinced that trading and forex offers a good solution for customers in a bearish phase of the market. In addition, it was important to us to work with a long-term, well-established and reputable company so that we would no longer have to change companies in the future.”

Marc and Miri are already finding great success with iGenius. They are well respected leaders and are building a very successful team. Marc and Miri love the quote “Hard work beats talent”. They’ve always had an attitude of working far more and far harder than anyone else to achieve success. They also attach great importance to correct values in their team. They said,

“People realize if you really want to help them or if you just do it for commissions. It’s important for us to focus on the success of each person on our team. We duplicate this way of working and it works very well.

If you really want to be successful, you have to be willing to give it your all. Get ready for a long journey. Success does not come overnight, it requires continuous hard work.”

Marc and Miri are chasing their goal to help as many team partners as possible build a six-figure annual income. They believe that in times like these, with rising inflation and job cuts, it is important to make people aware of the problem and offer alternatives. Their mission and vision are to help hundreds of thousands of people.

Marc and Miri live by the motto, “Honesty, diligence, hard work & the right values will win. We don’t just want to make money, we want to change lives.” A year from now, they hope to have a big four figure team with iGenius growing into a billion-dollar company.

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