OmegaPro’s Official Strategic Coach Eric Worre’s Holy Grail Tips For Assured Success In Network Marketing

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To master any craft, one needs to find the right skills, adapt to them and master them. The world of Network Marketing is evolving constantly, hence it is imperative to learn the necessary skills to advance quickly and become a champion Network Marketer. 

OmegaPro’s official strategic coach, Eric Worre, is the world’s foremost, most watched and trusted resource for Network Marketing training, whose content has amassed over 5 million viewership every week and authored the International best-selling book “Go Pro – 7 Steps to Becoming a Network Marketing Professional”. 

During his extensive coaching session at OmegaPro’s recently concluded Global Convention Rise event in Panama, Eric Worre gave the 7 indispensable skills required to become a champion network marketer. 

What are the top 7 skills to achieve success in Network Marketing?

1. Finding prospects 

Generally, people think this part is hard. It is a crucial part, of course, but not hard. Instead of approaching only a few people and giving up when they reject the proposal, make a comprehensive list of people – friends, family, acquaintances, etc.

Next, think of all the people these people know – friends, mutual friends, family, etc. Expand the list constantly. Use everything available. Network on purpose like professionals do. One cannot expect to meet people by hiding from the world. Be proactive on social media. Get a new hobby. Get social. Attend events and make connections with new people. 

2. Inviting people 

This is by far the most critical part in Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). Eric Worre calls it the “gateway” skill for Network Marketing. The key here is to be a farmer rather than a hunter looking for prey. This is how legendary network marketers have paved the way.

They never looked to recruit the prospects immediately. Instead, they built meaningful relationships with people. They built friendships. And, eventually, trust. They were extremely skilful in transferring the belief that they had in the business opportunity.

Their goal was to educate the prospects about the opportunity at hand and let them decide if they want to be a part of it. And when the timing was right, they did not pitch the opportunity. Invite prospects to meetings, webinars, magazines, brochures, presentations, videos, etc.

3. Doing Presentations 

“In Network Marketing, it doesn’t matter what works. It only matters what duplicates”. 

According to Eric Worre, the pros of MLM never presented themselves as experts. They simply served as consultants and connected the prospects to tools, events, or other distributors to help them become educated. Instead of their own presentations, they use live events to serve the purpose.

Instead of giving all the facts themselves, they use other distributors. The pros bring in something greater – passion, enthusiasm, excitement, and belief. Their energy is contagious. It’s also important to learn how to present the opportunity to groups of people.

4. Conducting follow-ups 

Eric Worre says, “To be a pro in MLM, fortune is in the follow-up”. 

The motive of a follow-up should be to set up the next meeting or as he calls it, exposure, rather than to convince the prospect to join right away. Exposure means presentations.

Once all the necessary information about the opportunity has been presented to the prospect, the final step should only be to set up the next exposure. It takes 4-6 exposures for a prospect to join. Urgency is necessary, but patience is crucial. Imparting education and an understanding has to be of prime importance.

5. The art of closing 

There are five tips to excel at closing: 

  1. Be emotionally detached from the outcome 
  2. Be assumptive in approach 
  3. Be good at self-promoting 
  4. Be prepared 
  5. Be a consultant

5. Getting people started 

Firstly, acknowledge the prospect in making the decision to join. Next, set clear and realistic expectations, because many come in with unrealistic expectations. Set the tone for them. Assure them that they will have help at every step.

Finally, remind them that there will be ups and downs and ask them how they are willing to handle that. Offer them help through the ordeal. Remind them that they will be responsible for their successes and failures. 

Hook them up with all the necessary tools. Give them a checklist of all the necessary tools. It could be products, information about the products, materials from the company website, study materials, webinars and brochures. They should also have an idea about the compensation plan. Finally, make sure that they have a fundamental understanding of how to invite prospects properly.

7. Promoting events 

Eric Worre says, “In Network Marketing, events make money”. 

Organizing and attending events will provide the prospect with a sense of belonging and inculcate the importance of growing together as a community. There are many ignorant people in the world of network marketing and they can be, at times, discouraging, which will impede progress and motivation. In such times, these events will come to the rescue.

The next step is to grow the number of people on the team to attend events. Most people announce the next big event to their group, sit back, and hope people register. Professionals understand there is a big difference between being an “announcer” and being a “promoter”. 

OmegaPro, with frequent stellar events and such speakers like Eric Worre himself is building an immensely educated and updated network marketing community that’s now 2,000,000 strong and evolving by the minute.

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