Aderly Dupont Achieves Blue Diamond Rank At Validus

Irrepressible Aderly Dupont brings love to Validus

Aderly Dupont is one of a kind. Perhaps it’s his uniquely sharp and yet subtly unconventional appearance. Or maybe it’s the humour that is always bubbling under the surface of his conversation. Perhaps it’s the French/Canadian influence that je ne sais quoi. It’s certainly a blend that sweeps the board.

Aderly would stand out in any room and naturally displays both magnetism and irrepressible enthusiasm. So it comes as no surprise to find he’s a man of independent thought and has been an entrepreneur since he was 22.

Delving deeper, we find that he spent just three years with what he describes as his “traditional businesses” and has since dedicated himself to network marketing for the past eight years.Aderly is not a man who would let the grass grow under his feet, but with so many networking opportunities, why choose Validus?

I received a call from Hicham Laarej and Stéphane Plante, and that was when I decided to join because I had so much trust and a long-standing friendship with each of them.

As we explore his start with Validus, Aderly concedes that friendship can only carry you so far. So, what else motivated him to join?

“It’s the founders. They make it for me. I am so motivated by their values. Their vision, integrity, generosity and their humanity set them apart.

I feel for the first time that I have the genuine support to go to the next level as a network marketer and that they want to see my and my team’s success just as much as I do.”

Having already attained the coveted Blue Diamond position, he is clear about his next steps and what they will mean. Aderly aims to become one of the top 5 earners within the company. This achievement will undoubtedly bring him status, recognition and wealth. Moreover, it will impact many other lives, allowing individuals in his team in the Latin American and French-speaking markets to gain financial freedom.

Nothing is unclear about his mission as he hones his precision gaze upon what such a step will mean for his wider team. It’s nothing short of the co-creation of a breathtaking 100 diamonds in his organisation and the opportunity to help thousands of people become financially free.

 “For me, success is not something to be sought after. It is what success brings that matters to me. It is total freedom: of time, money and geography. Success is also having all the abundance to share with the people around me.”

What would the pages tell us if we wanted to take a leaf or two out of Aderly’s rule book? For him, it couldn’t be more precise. He advises anyone wishing to succeed to remain coachable and be willing to learn from everyone every day.

Aderly Dupont

It’s an eye-opening proposal that demands curiosity and the ability to be humble, not some know-it-all. The next page is all about being of service to others and constantly wanting to be a better professional and a better person. Within that is the compassion and humanity that has love at its core.

“My ultimate goal is to be in the top 20 in the world of network marketing, but more importantly, to have as many people from my organisation as possible on the global list.”

As a full-time network marketer, Aderly has diversified his income sources over the last few years. He describes being in network marketing primarily for his passion for the dynamism and connectedness of the Validus organisation.

We all need to kick back, and Aderly tells us he loves tennis and football. He is delighted when he helps people to laugh and see the funny side of life, and, always the seeker, he has a penchant for luxurious travel.

For anyone considering Validus and its unique forex and educational platform, Aderly is an example of making the complex simple and leading by example. When asked what his leadership strengths are, he is as clear as a diamond.

I am disciplined and always want more for my people and myself. I work with love.

So many have told us that Aderly’s actions speak louder than his words, and his words are pretty clear!

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