Btho Cabrera From Peru Achieves Black Diamond Rank With OmegaPro

OmegaPro is honored to announce that Mr. Btho Cabrerra from Peru has achieved the prestigious Black Diamond rank with the company.

The following is Mr. Cabrera’s statement on his accomplishment and is exclusively shared with the Business for Home audience.

Just six years ago at the age of 18, I was frustrated and had no clue as to where the direction of my life was heading. I was studying subjects I had no interest in, had no money and had no fulfilling goals or ambitions.

“I knew deep down that I could not settle for this way of life. I wanted to see me and my family financially free and enjoying life”.

I would stop at nothing until I achieved it. It just so happened to be that Network Marketing would be the vehicle to fulfilling my mission.

Btho says that he’s driven by helping other entrepreneurs and gives advice for similar success.

“Thanks to OmegaPro, I’ve fulfilled my initial dreams and continue helping and positively impacting the lives of others on a similar path.

I believe anyone with the desire, deserves to be successful. If this is you, build a mental vision of the life you want until it’s crystal clear”.

Do the quantum leap ritual and visualize it every day with your 5 senses. Love your leaders, see their rank as your own. Make the decision to do it no matter what, no matter how.

Just do it. Don’t compare yourself, celebrate everyone. There can be no envy in your heart. Focus on your team and your mentors. The time is now.

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