ByDzyne’s Valentina Urbano from Colombia Achieves 1-Star President

Young, talented, and promising leaders are emerging from all corners of the globe at ByDzyne, with the latest being from Colombia, who recently accomplished the 1-Star President ranking this month.  

* A President generates over $200,000 in sales revenue during a half-a-month span. 

Valentina, who hails from Cali, Colombia, a city just southwest of the capital Bogotá and known worldwide as the “salsa capital of the world,” is remarkably only 23 years old and has only been in the industry for three years.

When she initially was introduced to network marketing in 2019, she knew that it had the potential to be her career for the long term and was confident that there would be a company that would make her dreams a reality.

She’s certain now that that road has begun with ByDzyne.  

“ByDzyne is the company that has allowed me to trust and build with certainty that it will last over time. It is also a company that continues to evolve rapidly and is targeting the biggest trends of today; which will only lead to constant growth.

It is also incredible to work with a corporate team that thinks far beyond money or recognition. I see that their vision is to build a legacy and I would like to thank them for the honesty in this company, and because of that fact, ByDzyne will produce the largest numbers of millionaires in MLM history,”

expressed Valentina. 

Chad and Nattida Chong, ByDzyne’s cofounders, are delighted for Valentina and couldn’t agree more with her positive outlook on the company’s future. 

“Congratulations to Valentina Urbano on becoming our latest 1-Star President! BD Nation celebrates your amazing accomplishment today, and we cannot wait to see even more success from Latin America.

Thank you for believing in this company and what we stand for. We also wholeheartedly agree with you that ByDzyne will soon be home to the most millionaires in the industry to date,”

conveyed the Chongs. 

Reaching this rank is a big deal for the Colombian. While she attributes learning how to have a small ego, combined with self-belief as prominent factors on her journey to success, she is also quick to acknowledge two mentors that have been absolutely instrumental in her rise to local stardom. 

“I owe my entire process to these two mentors. First, to Juan Pablo Velásquez, who was my first mentor who trained me from scratch. He taught me how to develop in this industry, how to develop my skills, and he never let me give up when we had challenges.

And in this entire process, thanks to the positive results we had been building, I began to get close to my mentor Daniel López.

He is a person who helped me to believe in quantum leaps, to push myself like never before, to work tirelessly, and to love myself and strengthen my inner-being to be able to achieve any goal,”

shared ByDzyne’s newest 1-Star President. 

Coming from a family mostly made up of women, Valentina says she grew up learning from a very young age how to be independent, strong, and a positive role model for others. While she is hopeful for her future and all that has yet to unfold at ByDzyne, the young leader is determined to make a difference.  

“It is incredible to see a company where all kinds of people can win and progress.

Although my main focus has always been to help and enhance the skills of mainly women, it fills my heart to know that millions of people can start doing business without experience.

My personal goal, of course, is to have the long-awaited rank of Crown, but I am very clear that for that, my commitment is to lead many families to drastically change their lifestyle,”

declared Valentina. 

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