Top Leader Mikko Jarrah from Finland Joins BE

Mikko had already been involved in network marketing for nearly two decades before joining BE. He said the first eight years were his most difficult because

“I couldn’t find a solid company with a product that truly impacted people’s lives. Eventually, it took a toll.

It affected my income and my ability to help others. Most of all, it affected my confidence in the industry.”

While success eluded him in networking, it came knocking elsewhere.

Over the years, he became a shareholder of 30 different companies in different industries. Life was good, and it seemed to be only getting better.

That was until the 2008 financial crisis when a couple of his companies went bankrupt. He had to take over hundreds of thousands of euros in loans to keep them afloat.

“When I was buried in debt, not knowing how to pay it off, the one industry in which I couldn’t find success for so many years was what gave me hope. Network marketing saved my life.”

Mikko recalled,

He joined his previous company in 2011 and focused on helping as many people as possible through it so he could repay all the money he owed quickly. And that’s precisely what happened!

Over the last 10 years, Mikko has helped thousands of people through network marketing. Despite that, he lost his passion for his work. “It was time for a fresh start,” Mikko firmly stated, reflecting his confidence in his decision.

“Then I found BE. I’m all about doing things that bring joy and following our heart.”

If Mikko had any doubts about the change he made, he certainly didn’t have them anymore.

Mikko’s introduction to the company was unique.

“I first came across BE’s products while searching for new ways to learn about trading. The courses and educators I followed helped me learn a new skill, which led me to start making successful trades.”

At that point, it was clear to him that today’s world needs people who can take control of their finances. Having also been intrigued by the opportunity to work with a technology company with a proven and very scalable platform, Mikko took the chance.

“I haven’t looked back since.” 

Mikko beamed at us knowingly.

Although Mikko encountered many setbacks in his career and personal life, he had the fortune of having the support of good people, who have helped him through those challenges.

“I want to give credit to my mentors and great friends of over a decade, Manu Rekola, Toni Tillonen and Jari Pohjonen.

I went through a period of deep despair after going bankrupt. When I was down in the pits mentally, they helped me regain my confidence and kept me focused on achieving my long-term goals.

I will always remember that and will always appreciate them deeply as close friends.”

he emphasized.

“I went through a period of deep despair after going bankrupt. When I was down in the pits mentally, he helped me regain my confidence and kept me focused on achieving my long-term goals.

I will always remember that and will always appreciate him deeply as a friend.”

But Mikko wasn’t done yet.

“I would also like to thank my business coach, Simon Mitchell, for his ability to scale my business by leveraging social media.”

Lastly, but most importantly, he thanked his team members.

“These are the people who trusted me over the years. I’m so grateful to have so many amazing people I can call friends around me.

We have impacted thousands of lives together, and it’s been amazing to work with so many kind-hearted souls and true professionals.”

As busy as they are, the BE founders Ehsaan, Monir, and Moyn Islam still manage to impact BE distributors from the top of the rankings to the newest tribe. Mikko spoke of his experience working with them and how they played a role in his career.

“I’ve always been drawn to the idea of creating a workplace where people can be their best selves.

After meeting with the founders and understanding their vision, I was excited to join this team because it seems like the perfect place for me to do my best work.”

He goes on to describe the founders’ approach to business as down-to-earth “with its strong vision. I love how the Islam brothers use BE to create a workplace for millions of people globally. They’re making tools that people want to use, and that’s the kind of company I want to work for.”

BE is innovation with heart:

“BE is all about following your heart.”

Knowing it’s his life principle, it was the highest compliment Mikko could pay. It’s a company that focuses on helping people reach their goals, and I love the fact that they’re so transparent with everything we do.”

He lauds the company for being so people-centered, even when it comes to its distributors.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some amazing people. These are the ones who have helped me get to where I am today. They were there for me when I needed guidance or someone to talk through my worries and fears.”

Products made for everyone:

Mikko continued by saying that he likes being part of a movement that’s changing how people live on so many levels. He also loves that they’re made for everyone—whether or not you’re a techie, have a finance background, or were born into wealth.

BE has the tools essential for anyone to promote digital applications and platforms in industries like eLearning, financial markets, immersive virtual world, online marketing, and clothing. The products enrich the lives of customers around the world.

He explained,

“When you join a company, you can tell if they have their customers in mind in creating their products and services. BE is certainly one of those kinds of businesses.”

Mikko’s goal and vision for BE in the next 10 years…

This seasoned industry icon still burns with the same fire he had when he first joined network marketing. “I’m blessed to link arms with the brothers and exceptional leaders in BE, and my vision is to build this 10X bigger than I have ever done.

“My goal is to have more joy than before with my tribe. This business is about genuine relationships.

I want to be part of creating a more open, united, and authentic culture and help at least 100,000 people globally to take control of their finances.”

Words for the new:

“If you want to be part of the sexiest opportunity in Europe, then look no further,”

Mikko half kids.

“BE is one of the few tech companies in direct sales focusing on compliance and regulation. I’ve had so many people trying to pitch me different ‘digital deals’ over the years, but I stayed away from them because I couldn’t see anything long-term.

“The timing is just so right. The opportunity for growth, especially in Europe, is huge.”

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