Anas Darrassi & Hind El Hadaj Achieve Blue Diamond Rank At Validus

Florida-based husband and wife team Anas and Hind share their affirming view of life with everyone they encounter.

This dynamic duo understand how quickly incredible things can happen when you have the right people around you. They have excelled in team building and educating, attaining the highest Validus rank so far achieved in Morocco.

“We reached the rank of Ruby in only one month, and it means that we have a strong team that trusts our choices and leadership. Our goal is to hit black diamond position later this year.”

With his customary insight, Anas describes Validus as a well-capitalised company combining fast growth and an excellent marketing strategy. Dr Parwiz Daud first shared the business with the couple, and because of their experience of and trust in him, they didn’t hesitate to join.

 In May 2022, Hind became the first American-based leader to achieve the coveted leadership rank of Emerald. What motivates her to greatness? Adventurous and ambitious, positive and provocative, Hind asks the essential questions and provides the MLM answers for her teams. A clear and motivating trainer, who is highly knowledgeable about all aspects of Validus, Hind makes joining Validus an easy and rewarding experience.

“Happiness is homemade. If you set your sights high, you can become free from any constraints that hold you back, in your life or in your mind.”

Anas was a high school student when he started network marketing in 2006, attracted by marketing commissions and the active lifestyle of MLM. Hind was an insurance agent when, following her husband-to-be, she began network marketing in 2012.

They both rapidly realised how to harness their shared traits of open-mindedness, perseverance, and determination. In 2016, marriage cemented their union and their ambitions for a happy life together. They firmly believe that if you don’t plan your life, you will find yourself being part of someone else’s plan.

Their loyalty to each other is unquestioned and cascades throughout their teams to build further interconnected loyalty and advancement.

“When we are loyal to one another, satisfaction, productivity and profitability increase.”

The couple confirms that not all life changes are as natural as falling in love and share how they have learned to deal with stress and anxiety as they make hard decisions and advance in their chosen career.

Anas describes the couple’s main short-term goals as being:

  • Validus as our sole business priority
  • double our productivity level
  • extend our successful team

Working full time as leaders, both now and as part of their shared future, their ultimate goal is financial freedom and security for themselves and their young son. They are inspired in this endeavour by success, helping others, and gaining reward and recognition for their efforts.

Anas and Hind have proven methods for motivating and encouraging their teams:

  • Create an inspiring vision of the future
  • Set clear goals
  • Lead by example
  • Encourage teamwork
  • Provide support
  • Show appreciation and value

As leaders they rely upon active listening, thinking ahead, motivating others and always keeping their word.

Anas reminds us:

You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Remember that the moments that pass from your life will never come back, and the time you postpone your happiness until may never come.

 Such a busy young couple needs to carve out time for their individual interests. Hind finds her own space by reading motivational books and playing tennis, checkers, and chess. Anas enjoys the appeal of the wide-open spaces of the Floridan golf courses as a great way to boost fitness and benefit from the serenity of nature.

For Anas and Hind, their deep and abiding commitment to one another is mirrored in the commitment Validus demonstrates to them and all Validus members across the globe.

With nothing less than the highest rank of Crown Diamond in Anas and Hind’s sights, their rocketing success is sure to bring opportunity to all their team members.

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