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According to research, a minimum of 50% of Network marketing representatives drop out in the first year. A minimum of 90% leave within five years. By year 10, nearly 95% dropped out. Why is it so? Is this why Network Marketing is getting a bad reputation? Is Network Marketing extremely unyielding and arduous? Absolutely not.

According to OmegaPro’s Official Strategic Coach, it certainly takes some character to be successful in Network Marketing. It is demanding, yes, but it is equally easy to find success with the right mindset and approach. 

Eric Worre delineated the right mindset needed to crack the Network Marketing ordeal in his newest webinar – “Million Dollar Mindset” – a continuation of the ongoing OmegaPro Super Training Series. 

“To do something, one should first understand what it is and what it takes.” 

According to the greatest network marketing resource on the globe today, the crux of finding success in Network Marketing lies in the approach. How do people generally approach Network marketing? How should one approach it? It lies in the difference between an entrepreneurial mindset and an employee mindset. 

3 Aspects Of The Mindset Difference Between An Entrepreneur And An Employee 

  1. Risk 

As a rule of thumb, in general, employees don’t take risks. They are perfectly fine in their constricted space with a glass ceiling of limit above them. However, an entrepreneur takes risks freely, deliberately and willingly to break the ceiling and find success. 

Eric says, “Risk is okay as long as one continues to grow. Be it personal and business growth.” 

  1. Time 

Employees, since they work for someone else, only work for a limited time. This is because they do not like the work they do. They associate work with pain. Nobody wants to experience pain. But entrepreneurs put in unlimited time because they love what they do. They associate work with passion. Anything done with passion and love does not feel like a job. It becomes life.

  1. Support 

This is where the major difference besets. An employee-minded person seeks constant support. They seek help every step of the way. They want to be told what needs to be done. They cannot function on their own. They lack commitment and they lack the drive to be successful. Their locus is externally placed.

In contrast, entrepreneur-minded people are self-sufficient. They don’t need to be managed. They set their sights on something and get to work immediately. They don’t need to be told to do something. They don’t need constant support. They carry their own backs. They are committed to success. They are extremely confident because they control their own narrative. Their locus is placed internally. 

Another crucial aspect on which Eric shed light is the types of people one meets in the world of Network Marketing. According to him, people in Network Marketing fall under three categories: 

  1. The Pessimist 

They tend to see the worst parts of things or think the worst will happen. A pessimistic person is often seen as lacking hope and is marked by disbelief or distrust. They see the worst in all situations and believe it will never get better. While an optimist sees the glass as half full, the pessimist always sees it as half empty. It’s almost impossible to persuade a pessimist to join any crusades. Pessimists are a “no go” for Network Marketing. 

  1. The Realist 

They tend to be a mix of both optimists and pessimists. While they don’t deny that there is good in the world, they also acknowledge that there is bad in it. A realist tries to be aware of what is happening around them and understand what can happen if they do something or refuse something else. it’s up to them to make the choices for themselves and not others to decide their fate. The issue with the realist is, that even though they consider others’ opinions and thoughts, they set modest goals – realistic goals – which is good but does not quite fit the mold of Network Marketing.

  1. The Visionary 

Visionaries are the people with an abundance mindset. They can see what other people do not. They set huge goals, are extremely optimistic and positive to a fault. These are the right-minded people for Network Marketing. They are self-motivated, driven and committed. They grab opportunities, study current trends and culture to aid their quest to glory. With the ultimate growth mindset, they are coded for assured success.

Eric Worre says, “He’d rather have a few visionaries on his team, than a 100 pessimists and realists”. Realists and pessimists lack commitment. They do not see the bigger picture unlike visionaries. 

According to him, it is possible to go from being a pessimist or realist to visionary. OmegaPro creates visionaries. OmegaPro instills the much-needed growth mindset in people. He says, “OmegaPro is the vehicle that facilitates success in Network Marketing”. 

“Success Likes Speed” 

Just like the infamous saying, “Fortune favors the brave”, “Success likes speed”. Success favors people who are committed to improving every day, people with a growth mindset, people who run right from the start. 

Eric Worre says, “Success is addicting. But, it is a good addiction to have. Once one’s personal life is changed. Don’t stop there. Start changing other lives – as many as you can. That is when one achieves the realm of becoming significant. Change the lives of your family, relatives, friends and everyones’ around you. 

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