Genesis Rivera From Colombia Achieves Presidential Diamond Rank At BE

Genesis Rivera was already in the digital business industry when she discovered BE, “and since then, my life has changed completely,” she revealed with a smile.

Genesis was already making her way into the digital world, taking what she thought was a clear path to her dreams.

“When I learned about BE, I realized this was more than a chance to gain riches,” she recalled. “I had found an opportunity to leave a legacy and help the people around me achieve their own success stories.”

Why Genesis made the transition

She admitted that she was sold on the company’s promise. “I was given a chance to join the company by the person who showed me this opportunity.” Genesis narrated the stories of how well the company had treated her sponsor—all of which she found to be true, later on.

“They gave me the confidence and motivation needed to seize this opportunity. That and the vision. These two things excited me and assured me about the company’s future, so I decided I wanted to be part of it.

The motivation, the guide, and the support

Priding herself as a spiritual person, Genesis’ immediate answer was “first, I give thanks to God and my family, who have always been with me—a source of inspiration in every step I have taken.

“To my husband Yonfer Rojas, a life partner who has seen me grow up and has guided me throughout this process.”

Yonfer was also previously published on BFH for his milestones in the company. The couple is a superb example of a growth partnership founded on love, devotion, and support for each other.”

As Genesis journeyed in BE, her circle of support increased. “My team are the people that God has put me on the path to grow and build what today I call my chosen family.

“I’m also very blessed to have someone as experienced as my mentor, Georgi Alvarez, who has known how to guide me from the first moment I became a BE publisher.”

And of course, massive thanks to the BE Founders Moyn, Monir, and Ehsaan Islam

Their vision often plays a key role for many who choose to work with BE, which was true for Genesis.

“The clarity and ambition hint at who the founders are before you even discover their names.”

She explained further, “You can trust a ship with a good captain. One way of knowing is if the captain has a sure destination and a distinct map of the way.” That was how she saw BE and the Islam brothers.

But more than that, “the company is very linked to their hearts—I’ve had the opportunity to meet them and see that they are genuine people with a purpose beyond amassing success.”

The company continues to attract more seasoned leaders

“And for a good reason,” was Genesis’ speedy reply. ” If you have a clear vision, you will be able to open your mind to infinite opportunities.”

“I think it’s imperative to be able to lead people with a vision and not just have them follow blindly. When you have a clear destination, then the path becomes more evident.”

She shared that BE’s success lies in its ability to build an effective team and unmatched products.

“Because they’re so effective, they reap results. Because they reap results, they can afford to have bold dreams.” Genesis said with a laugh. “But being able to start chasing those audacious goals before you have the comfort of wealth is what ensures continuous success.”

Live through the customer’s eyes

“To understand the company and what its leaders were trying to do, I decided to walk a mile in their shoes, but more importantly, in the customer’s.”

Without any professional background in tech or finance, Genesis dived headfirst into using the apps BE developed.

“For eight months, I lived the experience of being a product of the product. I could verify that they amazingly worked, are innovative products, and are at the forefront of the innovation of education and finance.

Because we are in the world of data and living virtually, having used the products myself, I knew the impact they’d have—this is what it means to live in the new age.”

BE’s ecosystem offers several financial opportunities, creating several income streams under a single umbrella. The company’s products and services span various industries, all of which the members can tap into, including the financial market, immersive virtual world, and online marketing.

What awaits BE in the next 10 years…

“I hope to help more people in the next 10 years by providing them opportunities to have a better life and for BE to remain number one in the industry.

“I am inspired by the fact that I can make a difference in people’s lives, and I hope to continue doing so. I wish to see BE at the forefront of innovation in education and finance; nothing less than being number one will do.

“I hope to continue to be a valuable asset to the company, and I look forward to expanding my impact in the next 10 years.”

Words of wisdom for the new members

Despite the laughter shared throughout the wisdom of the interview, Genesis took this question more seriously.

“The decisions you make now in your present will positively or negatively affect your future. You have in your hands the possibility of having the life you have always dreamed of, of being a channel of blessing for many people, of being able to answer a prayer that someone outside has made to the creator.

Don’t settle for the little when you can go for the abundant and prosperous God has in store for you.”

About BE

BE is a next-generation ecosystem made up of a unique concept of ‘Live & Learn’ which includes e-learning and travel platforms with a comprehensive set of tools for independent business owners.

The BE ecosystem uses artificial intelligence technology, to offer a decentralized, transparent, and empowering space for people from all walks of life, regardless of their educational or financial background, to build their very own multimillion-dollar business from their smartphone.

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