Stephane Plante From Canada Achieves Blue Diamond Rank At Validus

According to a Validus press release:

Actions Speak Louder and Attract Abundance

Directing self-belief into positive action is the key to success for Canada’s one Stephane Plante. Couple this self-belief with an income that extends across multiple time zones, and the path to prosperity and pride becomes unmissable.

Here Stephane shares his insights and experiences on how Validus provides him and his team with fabulous rewards.

Joining record-breaking network marketing supremo Validus as a pioneering leader in Canada has already brought French-speaking Stephane to the impressive rank of Blue Diamond. This Blue Diamond achievement takes Stephane into the upper reaches of the Validus ranks and is something Stephane had in his sights from his moment of joining.

What sort of person achieves in Validus?

We wanted to find out from Stephane if Validus is for everyone. Do you need to be a certain kind of person to benefit from its education and business opportunity?

Stephane confirmed he has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, becoming a chocolate distributor in his teens and investing in nightclubs as a young man. However, his view of Validus is that it is a most welcoming and encouraging organisation. Validus does not require members to have prior training or experience to become successful.

I am motivated every day to share Validus’s vision, which is to help people educate themselves on the financial markets. It is our mission at Validus.

From what Stephane shares, being open to opportunities and positive about your experience is key. These are the main measures of how well a person’s skills and abilities will progress their rank and income in Validus.

The only way to fail is to stop trying.

Stephane reminds us that everyone can learn, change and grow. Stephane enjoys applying his other skills, transforming people’s mindsets with his experience and training background, as a motivating and insightful coach.

“I am a Pro Activity coach, and I develop new methods to raise awareness of the privilege people have of being who they uniquely are. For me, in turn, to have the privilege of working with talented leaders at Validus, such as Hichem Laarej is an honour.”

For Stephane, life and work glide into one balanced continuum. Time with family is precious and to be treasured, and he knows how much physical activity can clear the mind and cleanse the body.

Stephane delves into inspirational podcasts in his downtime, and these go on to inspire his successes within Validus. He’s not alone in seeking out new ways of blending working and living, and this willingness to step outside life’s limitations is something he shares with those at the highest ranks in Validus.

“Mansour Tawafi, Howard Friend and Dr Parwiz Daud are all people with admirable values. They, too, are people of action. They have a vision, and we are going to paint that vision on a planetary scale. We will help as many people as possible to reach new positions and achieve financial freedom.”

The position of Crown Diamond is tantalisingly close already. This is the ultimate aim for Stephane, but it’s not just for the satisfaction he would gain from reaching it. For him, Crown Diamond means the opportunity to help as many people as possible around the world. Another achievable aspiration will be to open an office in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

Ultimately, Stephane recognises Validus as his route to positively impact the lives of thousands of people and support them throughout their personal and professional journeys.

“My greatest strength is being on the field with my Validus team. Always being available to help. I go straight to my goals, and I am always positively proactive. A lot of people talk about network marketing; I do it.”

About Validus

Validus is a network marketing company that provides online education on the financial markets to educate those who are underserved by financial institutions globally.

Validus prides itself on delivering a unique payment and reward programme that pays out those who choose to network and even those who choose not to.

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