ByDzyne’s Marjelis Fernández from Venezuela Achieves 2-Star President

Inspirational people and stories continue to be one of the many heartbeats of ByDzyne, and this month the company is highlighting new 2-Star President Marjelis Fernández from Venezuela and her moving narrative of how ByDzyne not only helped save her life, but her daughter’s as well. 

*A 2-Star President generates over $400,000 USD of sales revenue in two weeks or less. 

In 2020, the youngest of Marjelis’ and her husband Rocke’s children, Alessia, was diagnosed with acute infant malnutrition at just 2-months-old.

Fear quickly seeped into Marjelis’ spirit, and the unknown became the overwhelming agent. Still, the Latin American mother knew she had to remain calm and focus on how to support her family and her young daughter. 

And that’s exactly what she did. For the subsequent days and months to follow, Marjelis put in all the work—she became educated on nutritional imbalance and its effect on the body, she overcame anxiety of what was going happen to her sweet child, and she dealt with recovering from the financial blow of the pandemic and its impact on her and her husband’s multiple traditional businesses by exploring the untapped but fascinating world of multi-level marketing. 

Fast forward three years later and all is well with Marjelis, little Alessia, and the family’s future. Not only is their now toddler strong and healthy, but the 38-year-old mother originally from Maracaibo, Venezuela, but who now resides in the United States, invested the last few years in network marketing and has seen her dreams reignited. 

“Network marketing has allowed me to dream again, to recover my baby from malnutrition, to financially recuperate from losing our traditional businesses due to the pandemic, to live in six different countries, and to ultimately fulfill my children’s dreams.

Today, my biggest desire is to be able to help and inspire at least 100,000 women in the world to face their fears, believe in themselves more, and believe that they can give their family everything they want,”

expressed a heartened Marjelis. 

And she’s confident there’s no better place to do that than at ByDzyne. Crediting a motivational company video she watched years ago featuring ByDzyne’s Chairwoman, Chanida Puranaputra, whom she says was full of passion, vision, and care, the Venezuelan entrepreneur knew she had found herself again.  

“I would like to express my deepest gratitude to ByDzyne’s executive team and my mentors—Nat and Chanida, Dave, Chad and Nattida, and Sophia!

You all are impressive leaders with a work ethic that inspires us to go even further, and I just want to tell you the biggest thank you. 

I felt that I had lost the right to dream and ByDzyne gave me that possibility back. I will be 100 percent always grateful,”

shared a thankful Marjelis.

Chanida, ByDzyne’s cofounder, is extremely humbled by Marjelis’ confession and believes she is a living testimony of the wonder and restoration this industry and company can bring.

“Congratulations to Marjelis Fernández on becoming our latest 2-Star President! I love your story and am so touched by your perseverance.

You deserve all this and more. I cannot wait to see how you inspire more people, more women, and more families to live out their dreams.

Thank you for sharing your story and life with us and we cannot wait for what the future holds for you,”

disclosed Chanida.  

ByDzyne’s newest 2-Star President also attributes her other mentors, Samer and Paula, her three beautiful children, Rocke Alessandro, Samantha, and Alessia, as well as her team of leaders for all the recent success.

She firmly believes it’s been their unwavering support, along with her decisiveness, absolute focus, and self-belief that have transformed her dreams into reality. 

And her goals are continuing to grow. The South American leader, who holds a degree in industrial engineering and has vast experience in business including owning a restaurant and a perfume factory, has her next main objective as creating at least two new lines of Presidents and 5 new Diamonds within the next 90 days. 

Marjelis is certain she can do it. She’s lived by her life motto from day one and believes in it now more than ever. 

“If you are afraid, do it with an understanding of your fear but do it! And repeat this phrase to yourself: ‘if you dream of something, go after it, and don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t achieve something.

If you dream of something, go for it!’ This has led me to demand more of myself and to overcome all the challenges that life has presented us.

I am enormously grateful to God, to my sweetie, to this industry, to the company, because we are just beginning and I am excited to know everything we are going to achieve together with our team!”

declared a hopeful Marjelis. 

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