Eduardo Tain First Validus Blue Diamond In Latin America

After starting life in the beautifully lush region of Asturias in northwest Spain, Eduardo Tain travelled extensively before setting up his home base in thriving Panama, Central America.

Just like the famous Panama Canal, Eduardo has gained a justified reputation for transforming what could be long and arduous business journeys into ones that are refreshingly simple and direct.

This ability has charted his rapid rise within Validus. It is paying off, as Eduardo has now attained the rank of Blue Diamond. With this achievement, Eduardo becomes the highest-ranking Validus member in Latin America.

He stated”

I’m going to make the rest of my life the best of my life.

Clear, confident and conscientious, Eduardo is a man who knows what he wants and is not ashamed to strive for it. However, he is obviously aware that pride and arrogance are not the way to a happy and contented life.

Always carefully balancing his successes with humility and a true sense of his place in the world, Eduardo makes full use of his emotional intelligence. Combining empathy with skills and knowledge, Eduardo can always be found leading his team forwards in encouraging and motivational ways.

Dream it, write it down, think about it, declare it, decree it, feel it, affirm it, repeat it, materialise it, live it. You deserve everything in this life of infinite abundance.

Eduardo isn’t just a man of words; he is also a man of actions. He asserts that believing you are worthy of the best things in life, determination, and a willingness to learn are the only qualifications you need to succeed in Validus. In addition, he sees great wisdom in the assertion that nothing can stop a person from succeeding if they are open to opportunity and welcoming of abundance.

With a background in the police service rather than finance or trading, Eduardo proves how welcoming and diverse Validus truly is. Having viewed other opportunities in the past, he recognised the fast track to sustainable success when he saw Validus’ unique education model. This time he wasn’t going to be left at the port watching others sail onward to success and financial freedom.

Eduardo says:

“A Mexican friend of mine was involved in network marking for four years, and I saw the benefits it brought to him. I was keen to find a similar opportunity. When I discovered Validus, I saw the possibility of starting an evolved project, one that was even more impressive in its scope and rewards.”

Eduardo offers insights into how he has integrated network marketing into his life. The ethos of protecting and serving others has transferred from Eduardo’s role as a police officer to his position within Validus. He seeks to positively impact the lives of hundreds of thousands of families around the world, helping to change not only their personal economy but also their mentality and mindset.

Making the mental shift from viewing the world as being a place of scarcity to being an environment of abundance is the essential mindset upgrade that Validus both invites and rewards.


“My secrets of success are the following: Work hard on daily self-education. Maintain respect and humility as bases. Work very hard and at the same time with strategy and intelligence. Make others feel good, share, and give without expecting anything in return.”

With his naturally optimistic, encouraging, and engaging personality, Eduardo applies his outstanding communication skills both on the stage and in person. His abiding aim is to build his team and foster his team members’ knowledge and confidence. His motto is “always be leading by example”.


“I see a real international revolution with Validus in the next 12 months. My personal aim within Validus is to positively impact more than 1 million people, sharing with them the benefits and gains available through Validus.”

Eduardo also takes time to kick back and relax, and as a typical Asturian, he has a deep appreciation for superb cooking and excellent wine. Thinking of home and all that inspires him, Eduardo cites his own family as providing his greatest motivation. Eduardo is delighted to be able to assist members of his family in beginning to live out their dreams, supported by the resources he has created for them all. It is they who inspire his determination to create lasting prosperity.

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