Validus Appoints Dani Balogun As Strategic Advisor And VP Of Africa

According to a Validus Press release:

Dani Balogun expresses his delight at taking on the role of Strategic Advisor and VP of Africa for Validus. He brings his connections and insights into African, Caribbean, and European business and trade.

Originating in Africa, Dani moved to the Netherlands in his early childhood. He grew up in Rotterdam and, on leaving school, he looked to make positive choices about improving his environment and life.

In addition, Dani wanted to invest time and effort in developing his discipline, leadership, and strategic thinking. These aims led to Dani’s years in the Dutch military, and he describes this time as defining both his capabilities and his character.

Dani stated:

“I developed my foundation as a leader with integrity, people skills and discipline there.”

On departing his military career, Dani was introduced to network marketing. He immediately saw its potential and built a global organisation of thousands of people. Becoming rapidly successful, he was able to aid in the success of hundreds of leaders who are still successful both within and outside network marketing.

Despite his close connection to Holland, Dani never lost his love for and bond with his home continent of Africa. Now living in Ghana and with business interests across Africa, the Caribbean and Europe, he became open to further network marketing opportunities.

Dani Balogun on stage


“The quality of leadership from the people behind Validus attracted me instantly. Their vision, ideas, and passion all chime with mine. What caught my full attention was the Crown Wealth Club.”

Dani freely describes and shares learning from his network marketing experience and the importance of diversifying assets and income streams. He is highly motivated to mentor others on how to use networking as a great platform to achieve their dreams, just as he has himself.

For Dani, successful life is both the route and the aim. Success to him means freedom. However, Dani acknowledges that freedom does not come for free. To have freedom, he identifies the need for effort and persistence and staying open and responsive to opportunities.

As a devoted family man with a growing and loving family beside him, Dani appreciates that material wealth is only one aspect of success. Wealth means little if people are not thriving mentally, health-wise and within their relationships and families. So, while working on financial success, Dani reminds us not to forget those aspects.

Dani has looked deeply into Validus and what impact it can have on people’s freedoms. He believes successful leadership is where people or organisations with vision, knowledge, power, or resources leverage what they have to help empower and benefit those with limitations. He sees Validus as serving this inspiring purpose.

“I see Validus creating a global shift for ordinary people without any business/sales/ network marketing experience or background. I see Validus turning these people into phenomenal and respected international leaders who can make a huge impact.”

In his new role, Dani aims to help grow Validus into a billion-dollar company with many success stories. He hopes to balance the scale by creating more successful female leaders globally, especially in the African and Caribbean markets.

“I believe females are overlooked in almost every industry, and I want to change this in network marketing.

I want to help women create more success stories within network marketing. This industry doesn’t look at gender, race or background and solely looks at the results you put in place.”

How can Validus help individuals work toward financial freedom? Dani is convinced this starts with the right mindset: understanding that success does not come easy but is ultimately worth the sacrifice. He reminds us that it’s never enough to have a plan: you must also do the work consistently and with diligence.

When you take the biggest disappointments of your life and turn them into the most significant driving factors, you have discovered the secret of success.

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