Validus Welcomes BFH’s Triple-A Rating In Their First Year of Operation

According to a Validus press release:

Due to the highly effective growth of the company and the rapid results achievable by all members, Validus has been recognised as the only MLM company in the last five years to reach a $100 million turnover within its first year of operation.

In less than a year, Validus has introduced the world to new and vital ways of forming a worldwide community and sharing financial benefits.

The Validus leadership team have dedicated themselves to the expansion of ethically led training leading to personal economic growth and forex trading excellence. In addition, it has opened its door to new members from around the globe, adding value to their lives and helping them work towards financial independence.

Validus’ primary function is to educate people who are underserved by financial institutions globally. Financial literacy provides a strong foundation for individuals to take control of their personal economy and work towards a better future.

Validus specialises in providing online educational content, specifically in foreign exchange, and has plans to expand into other subject areas.

Following a momentous early development period, Validus is already being recognised for some highly noteworthy achievements.

Validus Founders

Turnover isn’t the only thing turning heads. Validus has also demonstrated how to unlock the secrets of successful forex trading. Validus provides targeted training programmes to build market knowledge, proven practices to extend confidence, and a dedicated network of support to maintain motivation and focus for all members.

This essential range of support has led to another plaudit. Validus has been recognised as the first company to reach the triple-A rating on Business For Home during its first year of operation.

What do these incredibly validating stats tell us about what is going on at Validus? Most intriguingly, it’s important to note that the company is just starting to implement its broader global strategy.

So far, Validus has focused on laying down a strong foundation, which has undoubtedly been the wisest of decisions. The foundation of any enterprise is its most important part. Validus has been set up with care, professionalism and high ethical standards to create a legacy that will transform millions of people’s lives.

This is just the beginning

By the end of the pre-launch stage phase in March 2022, the broad appreciation of the credentials and integrity of the founders boasted led to Validus amassing an enviable 40,000 members worldwide.

By May, this had grown to 100,000 members. Now, in September, and after less than a year of activity, Validus membership has rocketed to an impressive 200,000.

Each of these people, and the families they support, is benefiting right now from the lucrative training Validus offers. All those joining Validus are changing their lives in many ways due to the platform, the education and the guidance they receive from the very top.

The reason for outstanding success at such an early stage of the organisation’s development has been the attraction of exemplary leadership capable of establishing such solid foundations.

President Mansour Tawafi has been an integral part of the remarkable early successes. Under his guidance, Validus will continue to grow in scale and professionalism, nurturing world-class leaders.

Chief Network Officer, Dr Parwiz Daud, has the essential experience to advance the Validus community, having previously overseen a global network of 3.5 million people.

CEO Howard Friend is fully committed to the Validus vision and brings 30 years of financial markets experience to his role.

Beyond the executive roles and across the ranks of Validus’ leadership, all subscribe to the Validus core mission – opening the door of opportunity for individuals to attain financial fulfilment.

Now, the founders, corporate team and the whole leadership recognise it is time to take Validus to the next level. So, as Validus moves into its first full year, it will maintain its guiding principles of integrity, loyalty and equality. These principles will guide Validus as it continues to play its role in growing and shaping the future of network marketing.

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