Federica Siess From Germany Achieves Blue Diamond Rank At Validus

Discipline Triumphs for Federica Siess of Validus.

Federica Siess is blazing a shimmering trail. As the first female Blue Diamond of Validus, she is a legend in the making. Like the precious blue diamond gem, Federica possesses rare qualities and unique characteristics, setting her on the path to great success.

After only five and a half months in Validus, I feel honoured to be the first female Blue Diamond within the company.

A self-confessed country girl with a solid moral compass and a love of nature, Federica found her calling when she discovered the secrets of network marketing success. She is adept at using all her leadership skills to harness her discipline and drive.

Federica always suspected a 9 to 5 life would not bring her happiness and did not want to settle for a half-life of limited options and missed opportunities. Freedom and open opportunities were her dreams in life, and she knew what it would take to achieve them.

“Discipline is my focus and my goal. With discipline, everything becomes possible. So I changed my profession and became a professional in discipline.”

Seeking to expand her life, Federica moved from her native land Germany to Paris. After years of enjoyable but often gruelling automotive industry freelance work, Federica took the plunge. She accepted an invitation to a network marketing event with Sébastien Lesel.

Federica Siess on stage

She quickly realised she had found her future. Sure enough, Federica and Sébastien are still a team today. Now, six years on, she is delighted to be applying her discipline in shaping her and her team’s future with Validus.

“I’ll be forever grateful to Sébastien. He is an incredible leader who has supported me and pushed me to become the best version of myself every day. Together we have built a team of hundreds of people over the past six years. Now I help others as he helped me.”

It’s truly inspirational to see how Federica combines her wholesome ambitions with an empathic and respectful approach. She knows how Validus can improve lives, and she wants to share her insights with everyone.

Federica is especially keen on inspiring other women to achieve their financial and life goals. She feels honoured when she hears she has made a difference by showing others what is possible.

“Everybody has potential. Many people have the drive; what they need are direction and guidance. Validus is the ideal vehicle for people to access outstanding leadership, mentorship and coaching. With Validus, we have the training, the team, and the structure to motivate and achieve.”

Second, to discipline is loyalty. Federica is candid when it comes to what she values about Validus. Commitment to team members is essential to Federica, and Validus ensures that 100% of team members win.

She describes the organisation’s set-up as unique in the network marketing world. Validus’ essential differences were why Federica and Sébastien were so impressed by Validus’s new concept and game-changing approach.

Federica’s other most notable features are honesty and a drive to educate others on what is possible. These go hand-in-hand with aims to make the world a better place for all and to be true to herself. It’s impossible not to be impressed by Federica’s track record and achievements, but there will always be more to do.

“Mine and Sébastien’s goal is to help a hundred people hit five figures with Validus within the next 12 months. And our personal goal is to hit the one million dollar mark and be amongst the top five leaders in the company.”

With discipline guiding her, Federica will undoubtedly achieve this goal and many more.

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