ByDzyne’s Vanessa Martin from Venezuela Achieves 2-Star President

Dedicated to formulating some of the industry’s most prominent leaders in South America, ByDzyne’s executive team continue to deliver and this week has new 2-Star President Vanessa Martin from Venezuela to showcase. 

*A 2-Star President generates over $400,000 USD of sales revenue in two weeks or less. 

Vanessa, a 38-year-old mother from the cultural and commercial center of the capital Caracas, Venezuela, is a former vascular technician who always wanted to be present and provide the very best for her family. When that desire became an almost insatiable yearning, however, she knew she needed to explore new opportunities.

After searching for months for that answer, in 2018 she soon found herself joyfully embedded in the world of multi-level marketing and hasn’t looked back. And now, not even a year ago, ByDzyne’s newest 2-Star President believes she has found the most ideal fit for her vision and goals.   

“I definitely chose ByDzyne because of the quality of leadership that exists here. I was in one of the highest ranks of another company, but I felt empty.

I realized that money is not everything, but rather personal growth and leadership are some of the most important factors.

Here at ByDzyne I was able to find a place where they water the seeds of leadership in me every day and today I have flourished thanks to this wonderful virtue of the company,”

expressed Vanessa. 

The South American leader is completely full of gratefulness. She recognizes reaching 2-Star President has not been an easy feat and accomplished by herself by any means, so she is full of thanks for all those that have been a part of her journey.  

“I have many people to give credit to for this achievement, but the most important is my FAMILY (that’s what I call each of my team members—‘Family’). Without a team or great mentors like Paula Landino and Samer Yorde as well, I would not have reached this milestone.

This is also not a rank advancement that came overnight but is the result of all the days for almost four years now of watering those early seeds of education, values, helping others, loving what you do, and today it has blossomed to become the most beautiful tree,”

shared the Latin American entrepreneur. 

ByDzyne’s executive team has taken notice of their latest evergreen, and has been encouraged by her desire to see others flourish. They believe it’s that characteristic that will lead Vanessa to even greater heights.

“Congratulations to Vanessa Martin as our newest 2-Star President! We celebrate your hard work today, Vanessa, and also recognize your dedication and perseverance in accomplishing this tremendous goal.

Your desire to help others is infectious, and that is the exact type of attitude that will lead you to even greater success here at ByDzyne because seeing others achieve is what it is all about,”

declared Chad and Nattida Chong, ByDzyne’s cofounders. 

Vanessa couldn’t agree more. Numbers or rank advancements have never been at the forefront of her dreams, but rather her drive is in seeing more families released to be able to fulfill their personal and economic goals. So, the work continues.

Deeply motivated by her faith in the Lord, her two children Carlos and Amelia whom she hopes to instill the right attributes in, and her parents who have made all the sacrifices for Vanessa to be the person she is today, Vanessa can’t wait for what’s up ahead. She’s more driven than ever and has a very promising message for ByDzyne’s executive team. 

“I want first to thank them for having had a dream and turning that dream into reality and launching this amazing ByDzyne company.

Secondly, I would like to tell them that you can count on me and my team to take ByDzyne to become the best company in the network marketing industry because they have made me a person capable of understanding that when your mind, your heart, and your desire to help everyone grows, consequently your bank account can too,”

grinned a motivated Vanessa.

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