OmegaPro – Eric Worre, Les Brown, John C. Maxwell, Eric Thomas Educate Members

According to a OmegaPro press release:

OmegaPro Lays Down The Success Pathway Through World-Class Motivational Speakers.

OmegaPro steers the world towards a better future with the help of world-renowned motivational speakers Les Brown, John C. Maxwell, Eric Thomas and Eric Worre. 

Global marketing leader OmegaPro is a staunch believer in the fact that Education marks the beginning of success in any walk of life, especially in business. Education lessens the challenges you will face in life.

The organization believes that education is the most important tool one can receive, which can bring the most success in society today. The more knowledge one gains, the more opportunities will open up to allow one to achieve better career possibilities

Not being affirmed, validated or appreciated are key reasons for people performing badly. These can destabilize individuals, teams and communities. Engaging and motivating a team doesn’t come naturally to everyone. So, to see this to fruition, and to benefit the community and help them succeed both socially and economically, OmegaPro strives to offer the best educational services possible. 

Purpose, Passion, Practice, Progress

Throughout the year, the company regularly sought out the expertise of the world’s foremost motivational speakers and success coaches to inspire, mentor and push the OmegaPro community members all over the world to achieve success. Legends like:

  • Eric Worre – the world’s most trusted and watched network marketing coach and OmegaPro’s official strategic coach
  • Les Brown – the world’s renowned motivational speaker who has transformed thousands of lives through the power of positivity
  • Eric Thomas – acclaimed author, speaker, educator, and pastor, has taken the world by storm with his common sense approach to living a successful life.
  • John C. Maxwell – the world’s leading leadership expert with a proven tracked record of creating thousands of great leaders around the globe – offered regular sessions to ensure that the OmegaPro community is adequately trained to face challenges head-on and push through the hardships of the business world. 

Go Pro with Eric Worre

In the first week of December, Eric Worre hosted the ‘Virtual Go Pro’ event, a first-of-its-kind live and virtual event in Las Vegas, United States. The event was to recognize, empower and encourage the world’s top network marketing achievers and leaders to close 2022 on a high note and set a clear path for assured success in 2023. 

During the event, Eric Worre laid down the success pathway for 2023 and the characteristics and approaches of great leaders that everyone should develop in order to achieve their dreams and desires in the best way possible. 

A strong vision, stronger belief and an even stronger commitment are vital to accomplishing goals. A strong mindset is necessary for business success – great leaders do not succumb in the face of challenges. They pick themselves up and push through and break the shackles. 

Another strong tip Eric Worre provided – in the modern world, social media is king. Whoever befriends, masters and leverages social media to their will, will definitely find success. 

Remember: The foremost requisite to triumph in the world of network marketing – BUILDING A TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More.

About OmegaPro

OmegaPro is a global marketing leader with a massive education platform offering the best skill development training to empower the OmegaPro Community. With resources customized to perfection by the greatest legends of the respective industries, OmegaPro is a one-stop destination for accessing fundamental tools, special materials, dedicated coaches and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

OmegaPro is on a mission to Break Barriers Through Education To Create Leaders Of Tomorrow. Through education, OmegaPro has become the home and benchmark of new opportunities that are always ahead of the curve and supported by an elaborate team dedicated to your ambition and your success.

OmegaPro houses an extensive array of relevant educational tools, renowned personnel and acclaimed resources as one of the most beloved and trusted learning platforms of its kind with a firm focus on the priceless mantra – Mentorship for the best can only be delivered by the best.

With our community’s faith at the epicenter of OmegaPro’s operations combined with over five decades of cumulative expertise acting as the perfect catalyst, we are here to deliver a first-class learning environment as we keep marching on.

Since our inception in 2019, OmegaPro now proudly has a massive community of over 2,500,000 active members and is growing by the blink of an eye as we scale greater heights every single day. And, we like to believe that this is only the very beginning of an incredible journey that awaits us and our community. Welcome to the revolution of tomorrow as we aim to orchestrate a better future. Visit us on :

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