GO Global Acquires The Network Marketing Division Of OmegaPro

Online education platform, GO Global just announced the successful acquisition of the network marketing division of OmegaPro.

GO Global is an education platform catered to offering the best skill development training to empower the world.

With resources customized to perfection by industry experts, GO Global will be a one-stop destination for accessing fundamental tools, specialized materials, dedicated coaches and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. GO Global’s ambition is to develop future leaders by breaking down barriers through education. 

Mission accomplished

To see this steep endeavor through, Nader Poordeljoo, CEO and A.K. Khalil, COO, embarked on an opportunistic journey to acquire the network marketing division of OmegaPro.

With this move, GO Global can strengthen its business connections swiftly and quickly establish itself as a major player on a global level.

With this move, GO Global will make use of the existing OmegaPro network marketing base which will further accelerate the potential growth of the company.

The members will have the option to register on GO Global’s education platform and participate in the company’s various programs. This means, they get to benefit from their network marketing base and as well benefit from the value-added educational content of GO Global. 

The GO vision

Being able to serve the community in the best way possible, whilst continuing to learn and grow is a crucial aspect for GO Global. To have an organization focus on helping people on an individual level, to help them learn new skills, hone existing skills and become the best version of themselves is the need of the hour.

And to provide everyone with opportunities to grow and succeed will be the main focus of GO Global. 

GO Global’s vision is to shape a better world by creating thought-provoking leaders through education, motivation & self-empowerment. The organization aspires to build the world’s largest community of thought-driven leaders who make future-based decisions that will shape the world for a better tomorrow.

Path-breaking educational platform

GO Global has come up with a unique strategy to combine the best aspects of education with all the added benefits of network marketing.

The GO Global team has put forth 3 unique value-added features to its education platform – GO Learn, GO Rewards, and GO Promote. More information about these features will be revealed on the official website on February 1, 2023.

 The GO Global website is introducing a new and exciting platform for individuals looking to enhance their skills and knowledge and achieve success in all walks of life.

The GO Global website will serve as an extensive education platform that provides top-notch skill development training to empower its community.

With resources customized to perfection by the greatest legends of the respective industries, GO Global is a one-stop destination for accessing fundamental tools, special materials, dedicated coaches, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

In addition to its extensive resources, GO Global also boasts a dedicated team of coaches and mentors who are available to guide users through their learning journey. These experienced professionals provide personalized support and advice, helping users stay on track and achieve their goals.

The launch of the GO Global website marks a significant step forward in the world of education and personal development. With its commitment to providing high-quality resources and support, the platform is poised to become a valuable resource for anyone looking to take their skills and knowledge to the next level.

More aspects of the website will be revealed during GO Global’s massive virtual pre-launch event on February 1, 2023.

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