Streakk Hosts Top Indian Leaders In Cosmopolitan Dubai

Streakk recently hosted a four-day leadership meeting in Dubai for over 200 Indian leaders.

Streakk knows the importance of getting into the most populous country in the world, India, and what it means for the company’s growth. More so, Streakk understands that having the right people with the right mindset and drive is a key component for the growth and success of any organization.

During those days, they had four big activities designed to meet with like-minded people, network, and also enjoy the most beautiful city in the UAE, Dubai.

The first day started with a lot of fun as the leaders were entertained with a yacht party from the luxury Dubai Marina Port, passing by some of the most beautiful landmarks of the city like the Burj Khalifa and the stunning canal’s illuminated waterfall bridge.

The second day dawned with more surprises as Streakk leaders visited the Streakk office in Dubai and were able to see where the magic happens. They were given a tour of the office as they discussed better ways to move the company forward.

Following their visit, they embarked on a true Dubai experience on the VIP desert safari, which included live entertainment and a camp with traditional local cuisine.

Just when the leaders thought it couldn’t get any better, the third day came with more exciting programs as they reunited in the 5 star luxury Voco hotel for an event where they were awarded for their rank achievements, and learned about the latest developments in Streakk and the bright future ahead of them.

CEO and founder of Streakk, Suki Chen, also announced at the leadership meet that Streakk is going to make some big announcements at our upcoming travel destination, Thailand. After the event, all the Indian leaders were very excited to be a part of the Streakk leadership meet.

“It is not easy to find a good company, but Streakk has the most advanced technology and a very strong management team as compared to other companies in the industry. We are proud to call Streakk our final home.”

Stated Dr. Ashok Kumar, Crown Diamond, Streakk

Streakk has a strong presence in India, and last year they organized an event in Goa with over 1,000 leaders. The company is having its Streakk Fest in New Delhi on April 16, 2023, where leaders from different parts of the country are going to come.

In May, more diamonds will gather in Thailand for a new event where pleasure will be mixed with a massive event to continue the journey to the top.

Streakk Team India

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