Streakk Announces The Launch Of Its Blockchain In Thailand

According to a Streakk press release:

Streakk, the truly secure and decentralized platform, has officially announced the launch of its blockchain as well as huge new incentives for the community in Thailand.

This week, Streakk took over Hua Hin with top leaders from around the world for a four-day and three-night mega event, thanks to the exotic Thailand travel incentive.

From May 8th to May 11th, more than 300 Streakkers experienced different top-notch events at the exclusive Sheraton Resort and Spa. The mega event was a huge success, and it also helped to create a sense of belonging and oneness among the community members.

Just as Streakk promised, the event was filled with unforgettable moments that left Streakkers excited and motivated for the journey ahead. The trip was filled with luxury food and drinks, top-notch activities, and most importantly, the opportunity to connect with other like-minded Streakkers from around the globe.

On arrival, they were received with a sumptuous Thai lunch, one of the best cuisines in the world. After that, the event was kicked off with a trip to Vana Nava Water Park, rented exclusively for the Diamond Streakkers in a Follow the Wave Pool Party, where they got DJs, drinks, and great fun. After the party, the leaders couldn’t wait to see what more wonders Streakk had prepared for them.

The second day began with a beat the heat event at the beach, where Streakkers enjoyed fresh coconut water shipped all the way from Indonesia, engaged in group activities, and had loads of fun as a family. Just when they thought the fun was over, the night came, and they partied hard in the white night with an international DJ and enjoyed some of the best Thai dance performances before retiring for the night.

The third day was the much-anticipated Streakk conference, where the CEO, Suki Chen, dropped the biggest news of the year. Suki officially announced the huge new incentives for the community and the launching of the Streakk blockchain one year before it was expected.

The diamonds were amazed by the latest announcements and developments of the company and how Streakk is strategically positioned to revolutionize the financial world. They felt excited to be part of Streakk’s future.

To end the event, the diamonds went to the extravagant gala night filled with traditional Thai performances in music and dancing and an astonishing fire show that left them all dazzled.

Streakk is extending its growing footprint with the launch of its blockchain and massive new incentives for the community. This month, Streakk is taking their business to the next level by entering the world of Web3 and building the future of finance. The company’s mission is to shape it by maximizing the potential of cryptocurrencies.

Streakk’s 3rd generation blockchain network is presenting a paradigm shift in the financial ecosystem. It is super fast, secure, and highly scalable. Unlike other blockchains, Streakk is offering a fixed fee of $0.0001, 100,000+ transactions per second (TPS), and a transaction confirmation time of 2 to 4 seconds. This not only makes Streakk the fastest blockchain, but also the only blockchain focused on financial transactions at this scale.

Streakk is poised to become the leading blockchain organization and the biggest crypto community. Backed by the world’s most advanced Node infrastructure, Streakk’s Integrated Node Cluster (INC), the company is focused on empowering and incentivizing their community.

About Streakk

Streakk is a truly decentralized platform that gives users 100% control over their keys and crypto. As such, users earn without giving up custody of their funds.

Since its launch, Streakk has built the fastest network in the world, with an ever-increasing global community of over 1.2 million members. The company aims to create the future of finance by maximizing the potential of crypto, thus offering a stable passive income to its investors. The industry-leading Streakk wallet enables users to earn rewards on over 20 different cryptocurrencies without handing over custody of their funds.

Streakk is offering a safe, stable, innovative, and user-friendly solution to both seasoned and new crypto investors. For more information, please visit

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