Luis Marishta From Albania Achieves Ambassador Rank At BE

Meet Luis Marishta, a network marketing trailblazer with a story that’s as remarkable as his vision. After six years of unwavering dedication to the industry, Luis embarked on a transformative journey with BE, where his path to success would unfold in ways nobody could have anticipated.

Luis’ origin story is uniquely inspiring. Hailing from Albania, he grew up in humble beginnings, raised by a single mother. It was his mother who became his sole source of inspiration during those challenging years.

Despite their economic hardships, Luis always held a firm belief and told his mother that one day, they would become millionaires. Yet, it seemed like a dream no one else believed in—neither his mother, nor his friends, nor his family.

His network marketing journey kicked off at the age of 24. The first three years were filled with challenges and limited results, but personal growth was abundant. Then, the turning point arrived when Luis crossed paths with BE.

BE didn’t just change Luis’ life; it ignited a transformation across his entire team. Initially met with skepticism, Luis and his leaders had their doubts until they met the founders face-to-face in Dubai. It was at that moment that they fully grasped the company’s vision and mission, leading to an unwavering commitment to give it their all. Today, they stand on the brink of achieving remarkable success.

“I could have never anticipated such a significant outcome,” Luis admits with humility.

To become an Ambassador at BE, one needs to make sales worth $3 million in a month in their organization. At least 60% of these sales volume originates from retail product sales to end consumers. On average, Ambassadors who do this earn about $300,000 a month.

Luis on stage

But this amount can change. Actual earnings depend on individual performance, the performance of their downline, market conditions, and other factors. Achieving the rank does not guarantee any specific income. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

However, Luis is the first to emphasize that his success isn’t a solo journey—it’s a collective triumph that belongs to his entire team. He underscores the significance of trust, active listening, and steadfast support in building enduring relationships.

To him, success isn’t just about financial gains; it’s about building strong connections and sharing experiences that shape who we become as individuals. “Life’s true essence lies in sharing,” he reflects.

“Every day, we exchange experiences with people, and those experiences mold us into who we are.”

Luis extends his heartfelt gratitude to his mentors who have guided him with humility and a strong emphasis on values and people. He acknowledges the pivotal roles played by his team, his leaders, and, above all, his mother, whose unwavering dedication has been a constant pillar of support.

In a genuine expression of gratitude, Luis thanks his team for their collective impact, reaching over 35,000 individuals.

He applauds his leaders for their unwavering dedication in leading by example and his mother, who has tirelessly stood by him throughout his journey.

Lastly, he pays tribute to BE’s founders—Monir, Moyn, and Ehsaan. To Luis, they are not just founders; they are family. From day one, they rolled up their sleeves to establish a strong presence in the Italian market, going the extra mile to assist people in their growth journeys.

With seven years in the industry, Luis attests that he’s never encountered founders as deeply committed to people’s success as they are.

“Each day, I’m filled with gratitude for founders like them,” he remarks. “They are genuinely exceptional individuals who have created a unique product offering, enabling people to stand out in the market with services that authentically enhance lives.”

 BE provides tools necessary for anyone to promote complete digital applications and platforms in various industries such as eLearning, financial markets, online marketing, and clothing. Each product improves the lives of customers around the world.

Luis’ vision for BE is ambitious: he envisions it as a company that will make a significant impact in the realm of services in the years ahead. With more than five years in the industry, he observes continual enhancement in BE’s services and a growing positive influence on more people every day.

For newcomers, Luis offers advice:

“Approach this company with an open mind because you may just stumble upon a genuine opportunity.” 

In Luis Marishta’s journey, we encounter not just a person, but a network marketing luminary in the making. His story, marked by resilience, trust, and profound gratitude, is a testament to the transformative power of unwavering belief and dedication in the vibrant world of network marketing.

*Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are of the specific individual represented in the article and not of BE and are neither officially endorsed by BE. This article is only meant for reference purposes and is not meant to guarantee earning, as any guarantee of earnings would be misleading.

 You cannot earn money in BE without making actual sales to customers. Earning or lifestyle claims mentioned in the presentation shall be attributed to particular individuals & will not have any bearing on your results—detailed Earning Disclosure Statement.

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