Angel & Jenn Carmona Achieved Presidential Diamond At BE

A powerhouse pair, Angel & Jenn Carmona are on the brink of penning a new chapter in their remarkable success story. With over a decade at the helm of their initial venture, they had already tasted success. But stepping into the realm of BE, they soared to unparalleled heights they once only imagined.

Today, Jenn and Angel hold the esteemed title of Presidential Diamonds at BE—a testament to their dedication and a pinnacle of accomplishment in the company.

To become a Presidential Diamond in BE, one needs to make sales worth $750,000 in a month in their organization. At least 60% of these sales volume originates from retail product sales to end consumers. On average, Presidential Diamonds who do this earn about $67,000 a month.

 But this amount can change. Actual earnings depend on individual performance, the performance of their downline, market conditions, and other factors. Achieving the rank does not guarantee any specific income. Past performance does not guarantee future results.

Their story began with a chance encounter in their previous company at an international convention in Los Angeles. What started as a simple Facebook message asking for advice turned into a mentorship that lasted two years. Fast forward to today, they are not only happily married but also growing their business and their family together.

Angel’s story is one of resilience and determination. A former professional boxer, he faced a life-altering incident when he was shot while growing up in the inner city of Miami, Florida.

This incident abruptly ended his promising boxing career. However, an introduction to the network marketing industry by a former gym member changed the trajectory of his life. Angel applied the same discipline and dedication he had as a boxer to the business world, ultimately becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Jenn, on the other hand, had a thriving traditional business—a fine arts school. Despite making six figures and pursuing her passion, she found herself working 20-hour days and yearned for more from life than just paying bills.

When a mutual friend introduced her to the network marketing industry, she jumped in without hesitation. Leveraging her vast network from years in the dance industry and her coachability, she quickly became one of the top female direct marketing earners in North America.

The Carmona Family

Before joining BE, they took a trip to Dubai with three of their top leaders to meet the founders in person. They bombarded them with questions about the company’s foundation, current status, and future plans. Impressed by their answers and unwavering composure, Angel & Jenn made the collective decision to resign from their previous company, bringing over 50 years of combined industry experience with them.

For them, BE checked all the boxes when it came to evaluating a company:

  • Timing: BE, despite being under 5 years old back then, had a track record better than most companies that had been around for years. This impeccable timing was a critical factor in their decision.
  • Leadership: The founders’ experience in the field and their success as representatives in previous companies set them apart. Unlike many CEOs who lack field experience, BE’s founders Monir, Moyn, and Ehsaan Islam understood what it’s like to be in the trenches. Additionally, their sponsors were still hungry for success despite making substantial incomes, a stark contrast to their previous uplines.
  • Products/Services: BE’s unique and effective company-owned digital products stood out. Unlike companies that rely on third parties or white-labeling, BE’s ownership and innovation in digital offerings streamlined global expansion.
  • Comp Plan: BE’s compensation plan paid 3.5 times more than their previous company. This not only meant financial success for them but also for their team—a critical consideration.
  • The System: BE’s system had proven results, a stark contrast to their previous company that celebrated ranks rather than specific incomes. BE’s transparency and results-oriented approach resonated with Angel & Jenn.

Their advice for newcomers is simple:

“Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of BE by attending events and conventions. Don’t journey alone—bring your team along for the ride. BE’s events promise an unforgettable experience.”

“Make it a goal to qualify for all incentive retreats and dream trips. BE is all about enriching your life and creating enduring memories with loved ones. From Dubai to Bali (soon), we’ve traveled to 18 countries, making priceless memories with our family.”

“Artificial intelligence is here to stay, and BE leads the charge with cutting-edge technology. Harness their innovative ecosystem to turn dreams into reality.”

Angel & Jenn’s BE journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and an unyielding commitment to success in the network marketing world. Their story inspires others to rise above adversity, strive for greatness, and empower those around them to do the same.

*Disclaimer: The views expressed in this article are of the specific individual represented in the article and not of BE and are neither officially endorsed by BE. This article is only meant for reference purposes and is not meant to guarantee earning, as any guarantee of earnings would be misleading. 

You cannot earn money in BE without making actual sales to customers. Earning or lifestyle claims mentioned in the presentation shall be attributed to particular individuals & will not have any bearing on your results—detailed Earning Disclosure Statement.

About BE

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