Courtney Epps Arrested After Presumably Nervous Breakdown

Network Marketing Tax consultant for a number of USA top leaders, as speaker on industry events Courtney Epps was arrested on 11 December after a Police chase in Florida, USA.

According to local online news:

Florida Highway Patrol troopers arrested 41-year-old Courtney Epps, of Taylors, South Carolina, after chasing her speeding vehicle up U.S. 1, authorities said.

According to her arrest report, she was first observed in a gray Chevy Suburban speeding while going north in the southbound lanes, ignoring troopers as they pursued her with their lights and sirens on.

Troopers said they tracked Epps’ speed between 90 and 120 mph as she traveled across the Seven Mile Bridge and in Marathon, and that she maintained that speed regardless of oncoming traffic, instead moving to the southbound lanes when driving around northbound vehicles.

There were two attempts made by deputies with the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office to stop Epps using spike strips. The second one, which was deployed at Mile Marker 71, was successful in spiking three tires, authorities said.

According to troopers, Epps continued on anyway, still traveling at a high rate of speed, eventually approaching hundreds of runners on the northbound shoulder of U.S. 1 who were participating in a half marathon.

The tires on Epps’ vehicle began falling off as she passed the runners, with two of the tires damaging two vehicles that were there to monitor the public, authorities said.

The vehicle eventually crashed into a construction site at Mile Marker 80, and it was there that Epps was taken into custody.

Epps had “extremely constricted pupils and did not respond to verbal or physical stimulation, only stared straight forward in silence,” according to her arrest report.

While getting checked out at the hospital, troopers said Epps urinated on herself in the lobby while loudly singing gospel songs, and that she would alternate between sleeping, singing and talking to herself during treatment.

After initially agreeing to field sobriety tests, Epps refused, saying “God the father told her to stop,” according to her arrest form. She was taken to the Plantation Key Jail without any further incidents.

Epps faces several charges, including DUI and a felony charge for fleeing or eluding with disregard for safety of persons or property.

As first reported by WPLG Local 10

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