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Virtual Business For Home Growth Conference Replay Available

14 hours HD video – High Level Training for $35 Have you missed the conference or do you want to re-live 3 days of exciting speakers and trainings? The full recordings for the Business For Home ...
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Ambassadors Of Network Marketing – Hall Of Fame 2021

There is a group of international servant leaders promoting the Network Marketing – Direct Selling Industry in a generic way. They are active on social media, speakers at generic conventions or serve through international organisations such ...
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Direct Selling professionals have rated this company based on their experience as a user of the reviewed products and opportunity. The reviews of the products and opportunity usually comments on how well the company measures up to expectations based on the specifications provided by company. Observations are factual as well as subjective in nature. The reviews comment on service experienced, and dependability or trustworthiness of the distributor.

★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 132 reviews)
Kennith from GetPeople.io2021-05-21 12:45:30

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Akeem Ogunmola2021-05-11 13:58:22

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Sylvain2021-04-05 18:03:22

I'm now an ARIIX representative for 3 months, and I'm amazed by what they've created. I'm into my MLM journey for 5 years now, and I didn't know companies could be that professional. ARIIX is way ahead what I could expect from a MLM company. Timing is amazing, products are amazing, comp plan is more than amazing, corporate is full of human values and more than qualified… Well… I'm so happy to be here, right now. France is on a beautiful momentum, as Europe. And it's only the beginning. So proud to be a part of it. (sorry for my poor English!)

Rubyn2021-02-16 23:32:56


Good afternoon! I'm Rubyn and I'm trying to break the world record; "Most promotional shirts owned by an individual".
Although this question might be a little strange, I was wondering if your company does have any promotional T-shirts (T-shirts with a company logo, from a past event etc.) that are left and are available for a collector like me?
Of course, I won't expect you to pay for shipping, I'll cover any cost involved with sending the promotional material.

If you consider sending me something (I'll pay for shipping!), my addresses are;

4283 Express Lane,
Suite 7216-285,
Sarasota, FL 34249, US

Veilingstraat 7-8549,
7545 LZ Enschede,
The Netherlands

You can read more about my journey and request a shipping label on

Thank you in advance and the best wishes!


Please note that your form has been filled using an automated tool. If your company does not use T-shirts, or this request could be perceived as insulting in any way, I'm so sorry!
If you don't want to receive messages from me, you can opt-out using the following link

Nick Firkins2021-01-02 02:42:43

Good morning

I am writing to you because I thought that our Jewelry Stores Email List and Jewelry Contacts Directory may be of interest to your business, specifically in helping you to expand your B2B sales.

Earlier this month, we have released the most comprehensive and complete database of all jewelery store contact details in the world. This database is ideal for jewelery focused businesses that are looking to promote their B2B products or services to the entire jewelery industry in the world.

The B2B database works great for newsletters, email campaigns, social media marketing and much more. At the moment, the entire database has approximately 40,000 jewelery stores and jewelery-related businesses and comes in an Excel spreadsheet.

Our database has been especially instrumental in helping many Jewelery related manufacturers from China to tap into the Western markets and to date.

You can view a sample of the database and learn more about it at

This database is currently discounted for the next few and normal price will be implemented afterwards.

I hope the above is of assistance.

Kind regards

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