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★★★ (3 out of 5 stars based on 16 reviews)
Michael Hundessor 2023-07-07 08:00:29

Merger MLM because this company failed months ago and was on it's last breath before moving with another scam IX Global. These people do not trade especially Cory Clownray, basically claims he has all of this top 1% records on these platforms but what he does not tell you is that none of these brokers keep some kind of track record or leaderboard of how well your returns are for a particular year. The clown is a made up phony that sold MLM juice and coffee and then tried Duplicate Dave scam MLM but failed and pretended at that as well. Basically his whole entire life was one big scam and everything he posts on Instagram is fake. Fake cars that only appear for a month or 2 and then they are gone….fake homes that are special deed warranty, fake boats, fake everything. Now they are offering micro nodes……which means basically nobody is willing to pay no fucking $3500 for something that will not ever get their money back as any type of transactions are DENIED!!! SCAM! AVOID AT ALL COSTS!! Phony loser find a real profession moron!!!

Ken Collins 2023-03-01 09:56:11

Followed this company but never decided to join…….and that was more because of the fact on how thy portray their "Trading" advice…..of course if you set 3 stop loss or TP trades at similar levels on the spectrum that one is going to hit. To me that's just too much noise and a lot of guesses and that means they actually are not professionals by any means. The "CEO" had lots of vehicles but now it's funny you don't see them anymore. Probably short term leased or rented and now the money isn't coming in to support the monthly price. Ha, pathetic but it is what is. Go raise your kids and stop teaching them on how to be a douche and phony person. Live a real life and if that's all you can do is wash dishes then go and do it LOL

Scam! Avoid at all costs!!! 2023-02-09 23:09:52

Joining this company you will ultimately lose money as everything Kromray says and does are complete lies. He now has to go as far as pointing his finger at his TD demo account to show you how well he did using play funds to try to get you to join this MLM. Do not become a victim!!

He has a system with some car dealer in Vegas where he rents cars out (His buddy is the owner) and pretends to live a lavish lifestyle but in reality those cars disappear when the people stop joining this scam MLM.

They don’t have a license nor are professional just some clowns that are trying to get you to join their educational platform and pay upwards of $1997?

Do a search on Wisconsin circuit court and you’ll find there was a lawsuit from his other failed company “Market Kings LLC” and he owes upwards of $70,000 on taxes from the interest and penalties!!! My god!! Does he not realize that eventually they levy on property when you don’t pay them??? I wouldn’t want to live such a phony life it’s ridiculous!!!!

Josef is a LIAR 2023-01-29 22:02:31

A paid review from Kromray or that Koolaid sipping wife Lmao!!! Bunch of phony failure wannabe traders. MLM GARBAGE scam!!! Run away as fast as you can!!! Never heard of anyone that claims to be some big hedge fund manager yet in the years past had nothing to do with the financial markets and only sold scam fruit juice that cured aids and coffee… Anyone else remember Kromray when he was involved in those stupid coffee MLM's. But remember he will try to sell you the idea that he knows what he is doing when it comes to being or attempting to become a successful trader. HE KNOWS NOTHING and just wants to sell you the idea of HOPE. What a clown show! Either way this company is fading away just like the phony cars he used to rent. You could trace the VIN numbers online and it shows when they were listed on a dealership and then he goes to his Vegas butt buddy and tries to drive another car around for a month or 2 until it gets taken away again. Hilarious cycle and pure comedy!!!

Josef 2023-01-29 02:36:09

Absolutely THE most amazing, ethical, honest, straightforward trading education group I’ve come across, AND Driven Trading Academy is less than one year old!! Of course there were a couple of years of beta development, with continually improvements to the tools and education, available to their students. I’m incredibly impressed, and that’s not an easy task. If you’re looking for a trendy SEC illegal automation, algo based, “get rich scam”, Driven is not your choice, there’s plenty of those out there. If you’re looking for solid knowledge and skills, for your day trading success, you’ve found your home with Driven Trading Academy. A whole hearted, gratitude filled “thank you!”, to Cory for the vision and commitment to bring Wall Street to blue collar people, the opportunity to create a lifestyle beyond our wildest dreams, or simply to be able to be more philanthropic.

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