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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 16 reviews)

Per year: $14.00 million

Per month: $1.17 million

Per week: $269,231

Per day: $38,356

Per hour: $1,598.17

Per minute: $26.64

per second: $0.44

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 16 reviews)
Tia Barraco2020-10-16 00:57:10

Finally! Somebody gets it! You don't need to have all the processed junk, artificial everything and chemicals in food!! Real food is GOOD food! Tastes better and is better for you! I am allergic to ALL the artificial sweeteners, and tons of products that say light, diet, reduced calorie, etc, are full of them, not to mention all the processed foods have enough sodium to kill a moose! All the "Pre-fab" meal kits are what they decide you will eat, with absolutely no regards to dietary limitations, or even personal tastes. Epicure actually ENCOURAGES you to "Hack the Pack" and use their mixes and blends in creative ways, really upping the ante for new and exciting adventures. It gives new meaning to "playing with your food"!!! Thank you Epicure!!!!

Sandra Perreault2020-10-10 16:16:08

This is a great organization with great growth potential! Everyone eats and the quality of this product is not matched! They care about their products and even in shortages will not reduce the quality. Amelia is a caring and strong leader and has done an amazing job in this pandemic. The incentives to grow are very rewarding! I’ve been in this organization for over 3 years and love the products and how it’s run. They make cooking easy and healthy. As a busy mom this is a necessity! Thank you to Amelia and to Sylvie for building such a great business out of the need to feed your kids!

Cori Adams2020-10-09 03:45:05

Joined this company when it came to USA last year. I love that the products are all gluten-free, nut free, sodium and sugar conscious, 90% non GMO, all ethically sourced ingredients. Amelia is so kind, thinks of all the consultants as family. She is always keeping us updated and informed of any changes within the company and with products. She is always looking to the future to make the company and the products better. I love that Epicure only sources the best ingredients from around the world. They have great incentives for consultants and really want to help you succeed. There are always new training opportunities to make your business thrive. I just cannot say enough about this company

Diana Gallant2020-10-09 01:12:40

The business opportunity with Epicure and their products are the best! They know how to treat their consultants and their customers. They are a company that cares. Amelia Warren is a woman that cares about customers, consultants, workers. They have a high standard for their products and are not willing to compromise on that. I love the fast, healthy meals that I can cook with Epicure and I know that I can feed my family a good product. Like the founder says: to be healthy you need to cook. I believe this also. Too many people are living with diseases and so are the children. People think that the drive throughs are fast and convenient. But they are not healthy and are setting their children up to become obese and other health issues. Epicure cares very much about this.

Shari Kosowan2020-10-08 21:26:31

Epicure has changed my life in so many ways. Far too many to list, but one of my favourite things about joining this company as a consultant is that I now get to help others change their lives too.

I love everything about this company. As the saying goes “come for the products, stay for the people”.

We have one of the most amazing, dynamic and brilliant women in the world leading our Epicure community. She gives her entire heart to our company and that energy ripples through us all. We are a community.

We are valued, we are part of the decision making process, we are appreciated.

Together we are changing lives, one plate at a time!

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