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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 69 reviews)

Per year: $17.60 million

Per month: $1.47 million

Per week: $338,462

Per day: $48,219

Per hour: $2,009.13

Per minute: $33.49

per second: $0.56

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 69 reviews)
Walaa2020-09-17 18:04:56

Kuvera is the best financial education platform, we have learned a lot regarding financial stability and increasing our income. It has many of the best services from education to cryptoeliete in addition to everything that the business offers us through network marketing (MLM) and also from my point of view it has the best network marketing system and has several strategies and different marketing options, Through network marketing with Kuvera, I have been able to impact lives all around the world which led to me developing a burning desire to continue building my business full-time.
I am very grateful to be part of the Kuvera family they have an educational system Perfect and they work together.

Anum Qasir2020-09-17 03:24:45

Kuvera has been the best experience of my life. I literally breathe Kuvera. It gave me a whole new life. I was always confident before but kuvera gave a purpose. I was always appreciative but Kuvera gave me a reason to appreciate more things around me. My finances have never been better and I’ve worked so many 9-5 jobs. This company will out do anyone in the market because of the exclusivity of the products and leadership. My mindset is elevated and I finally know how to balance my wealth and lifestyle.
No more toxic relationship with money.
Just a brilliant company!

Andrea Prisco2020-08-31 10:57:13

Kuvera è la piattaforma di educazione finanziaria numero 1 in circolazione. L'unica società quotata in borsa nel suo genere e i mentori sono fantastici. Imparare l'educazione finanziaria è fondamentale e con i vantaggi e i servizi che offrono la si comprende magnificamente! I segnali didattici sono sorprendenti, l'istruzione è disponibile per più mercati e argomenti e i professori fanno un ottimo lavoro nel comunicare. Non è solo formazione ma anche pratica, nel mondo forex, commodities e crypto, oltre ad una piattaforma di viaggi esclusiva e sistemi automatici. La parte migliore è che, indipendentemente da come sono i tuoi programmi o la tua vita, c'è un'opzione per te con Kuvera.

Frank2020-08-29 19:00:35

Company is always boosting the product, but value is not there compared to competitors. Overpriced: signals, average travel portal, decent automation, Coinzoom: $1500 package should be valued at 299$. That being said compensation plan is OKAY if you're coming in focusing on selling the elite pack (1500 package) and just solely sales (not building an organization) if not do not waste your time with this company. Products and compensation plan not competitive with other companies in the market. Competitors like IM Academy & BE outdo them 10x. I would say in terms of Foreign exchange network marketing companies go with IM academy (1) or BE (2) over Kuvera (3).

mario2020-07-25 05:05:48

The company should train, but it doesn't seem satisfactory, copy-paste signals can be found in any group for $ 10… email support is very slow and they respond superficially
Many say it is a ponzi and has already closed when it was called Welth Generators a few years ago
I hope they can really improve, also removing the automated capital management service, that is not legal in many countries!
I certainly would not recommend it to anyone today who is trying to do business with a medium-long term vision
many reviews are positive, I see many who work with the company

I hope you can make the right choice!!!

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